2018 Health Insurance Survey Highlights

Eighty-six percent of members have health insurance for 2018 while 14 percent do not. Sixty-two percent of those who do NOT have health insurance for 2018 found the cost too high and could not afford it.

Top 5 Sources of Primary Health Insurance

1.) Spouse's employer plan: 28%

2.) Medicare: 22%

3.) State or federal health insurance exchange: 12%

4.) Insurance broker: 10%

5.) Full-time job (not real estate related): 6%

The median cost of monthly premiums is $500. Nineteen percent pay between $500-$749, and 19% pay between $1000-$1,999 - the two largest monthly premium groups.

Twenty-six percent feel their monthly premiums are affordable enough. Twenty percent feel their monthly premiums are far too expensive.

Twenty-seven percent feel their deductible is affordable enough. Nineteen percent feel their deductible is far too expensive.

Top 5 Priorities Related to Health Care Coverage:

1.) Affordable premiums

2.) Reasonable deductibles and co-pays

3.) Access to my preferred doctors

4.) No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

5.) No lifetime caps on health expenses

Greatest motivating factors in switching health insurance plans:

1.) Cost of premium

2.) Level of benefit and coverage

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