My Musical Spring Break Adventure By DORIS RODRIGUEZ

As the sun blushed through the drooping curtains, awaking me from my hundred-year slumber, I realized I had to break free from the tangles of blankets and get ready for the best day of spring break.

My stomach was tense as I remembered that I had to venture out of my house and visit The Music Factory.

My heart started racing and thoughts zapped through my mind; I was going to fulfill a wish I had been harboring for years.

After a trip that seemed like ages, we finally got to the crossroad which we needed to pass to arrive at our destination. The Music Factory.

I frantically got out of the car and scurried towards the front door. My heart was striving to pound out of my chest at each millisecond that my and reached closer to the door handle.

Finally, with the courage of a thousand warriors, I entered into a whole new dimension of sound. My eyes transfixed by the plethora of instruments the store contained.

My mind shook itself back into existence and I knew what I had to do.

I searched far and wide until my eye caught a glimpse of the beautifully shiny string instruments hanging from the ceiling: the violins

I darted to my final destination and encountered two wise old men. Mustering up the courage from an unknown source, I made my way to them and told them what I had been searching for. They both shook their head in synchronization for the understood my situation.

As the oldest man reached for a shiny, caramel colored violin adrenaline and excitement rushed through my veins. Finally, the time had come. He carefully set the violin before me and the universe seemed to stop. Awestricken, I reached for the glossy, wood instrument and it's corresponding bow.

I cautiously brought the bow to the E string. The violin let out a shrill cry of inexperience. Even so, this did not discourage me. I knew I had made the right choice. This instrument was now my beast to tame.


I do not take credit for any of the images used in this publication. All credits go to The Music Factory,, TCH15 - Medici.TV, and WallpaperCave.

Created By
Doris Rodriguez

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