EDIORB The edible Orbeez

HAVE YOU EVER HEARED OF ORBEEZ? Well, Ediorb is an innovation of Orbeez but this time they are edible! The Ediorb's do the same thing as Orbeez's, so they grow when you put them in water and you can still use them in all the cool accessories but you can eat them at the same time!

This is an Ediorbs foot massage ( there is soap to clean the Ediorbs so you can eat them).
This is an Ediorb lamp.

Why Ediorbs will be successful and popular:

It will be successful because a lot of people know about Orbeez and all the fun accessories, plus they where very successful at one point but they probably never heard of edible Orbeez before.

Are there opportunities for expansion?

yes because I will come out with new flavors every month.


Each Ediorb has its own color and flavor, so red is cherry and pink is watermelon and so on.

Size: depends on the temperature of the water

Recommended Ages: 2-100

Caution: Choking Hazard!

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