Tanzania By Emily Schmidt

Tanzania and its bordering countries; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.

Tanzania is located right by the equator


Tanzania in in the south-east hemisphere. All of its border countries are Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. The border countries are all in the same part of the world; the continent of Africa, South-East hemisphere. The capital is Dar es Salaam, and the government in planing to relocate the capital to the city Dodoma. The coordinates of Dar es Salaam are: 6.1630°S, 35.7516°E. The coordinates for Dodoma are: 6.7924°S, 39.2083°E.

TanzaNIa on the world map

A waterfall at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro

physical Characteristics

The biggest attraction on land is the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. This attraction is the highest point in all of Africa, and one of the Seven Summits at 5,895 meters high. At Kilimanjaro National park, visitors can pay to climb Kilimanjaro. But there are rules you have to follow to stay safe and not get hurt.

A place where visitors who seek the very top can rest for the night

Tanzania is also located by some major bodies of water important to Africa. These lakes include: Lake Victoria (the largest lake in Africa, and second largest freshwater lake in the world), Lake Tanganyika (the longest lake in the world), and Lake Nyasa (also known as Lake Malawi). The ocean it is located by is the Indian Ocean. With it's white sand and clear blue waters, Zanzibar Beaches are the most famous beaches in Tanzania.

a picture of climate zones in Africa


Tanzania's climate is tropical, and it is in between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. The coastal areas are hot, the average temperature for this area is 80.6° f, and the highlands are much cooler than that. Tanzania also has two rainy seasons, the mango rains or the short rains, are from October to late December. The long rains are from March to May.

The many climates of Tanzania

Tanzania from space at night might give you an idea of its population with electricty


Tanzania's estimated population is 50.7 million people (world rank 25th) as of the 2014 estimate. Tanzania's population is medium amount. This country's population density is 148 people per square mile (also from the 2014 estimate). Tanzania is not really crowded, the world rank is 150th. The population growth rate for Tanzania is 3.14% per year. Tanzania's population is growing really fast. The fertility rate for Tanzania is 5.14 births per woman.

The five largest cities in Tanzania are Dar es Salaam(4.365 million people), Mwanza(436,801 people), Zanzibar(403,658 people), Arusha(416,442 people), and Mbeya(291,649 people).

Top left: Dar es Salaam, Top center: Mwanza, Top right: Zanzibar, Bottom left: Arusha, Bottom right: Mbeya.

Tanzania is more rural than urban; it is approximatley 70% rural and 30% urban, 70>30.

There are a little more people leaving Tanzania; -0.5 migrants per 1000 population (2016 estimate). Even though there are still a little more people leaving Tanzania, the number is so close to zero that there's basically the same amount of people leaving as there are entering.


Tanzania, is developing. This country's life expectancy is only 61.5 years, which is world ranked 196th out of 196 countries total. Age structure: 0-14 years: 44.06%, 15-24 years: 19.71%, 25-54 years: 29.74%, 55-64 years: 3.50%, 65+ years: 2.99%. Their population is rapid growth. The GDP per capita is only $879.00 US dollars(1964728.76 Tanzanian shillings), and that of the world is $10,058 US dollars(22481503.83 Tanzanian shillings). Anything under the world average is considered developing. The literacy rate for Tanzania is 80.36%, and the literacy rate for the world is 85.31. Tanzania's literacy rate is under the world average, so it is developing. All data shows that Tanzania is developing.

Tanzania's population pyramid

Traditional Tanzanian dancing


Languages spoken throughout Tanzania are Official Swahili, Kiunguji, English, Arabic, and many other local languages. The religions are Christian 61.4%, Muslim 35.2%, folk religion 1.8%, unaffiliated 1.4%, other 0.2%.

Tanzanian Cuisine

Starting with the first meal of the day, breakfast in Tanzania is simple and light. To drink in the morning, they have chai; tea with milk and 3 spoons of sugar, with bread. Uji is a millet poridge and is also a breakfast option. Normally eaten at 1pm, lunch is a big, filling meal. Rice is a common staple throughout Tanzania. Along the coast there will be pilau rice, or rice that has been cooked with a variety of spices such as cumin, coriander, and cardamom. Indian flatbreads are also commenly eaten with lunch. Dinner in much like lunch; rice, ugali, and for dinner, meat if some is affordable.

a Tanzanian breakfast
a normal lunch or dinner in Tanzania

Tanzania plays against Kenya in a Football (soccer) game

sports and games

Some of the Tanzanian favorite sports include football(soccer), basketball, track/running, and pingpong. An often played board game played in Tanzania is Bao (mancala). Bao is the Swahili word for wood, symbolizing the wooden board on which the game is played on.


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