Forest Of Dreams Julie Kanda Kovac

Thinking Progress

When I think about the title "Forest of Dreams", I think about the afterlife. For me it is where we reflect of on our lives and whether we were satisfied with the outcome. If we lived a life that was fulfilling, your "forest of dreams" would be your happy place where you look upon your past accomplishments. But if your life was full of guilt and regret, your "forest of dreams" is haunting place where you look at all the dead dreams that you once had.


Live life to the fullest!


Start with character who roams around in their "happy place" (Forest, cafe place, couch etc.). We then see two different lives that this character could be having. The screen flips from the character being happy to sad which contrasts their different lives. Then we show how both characters die and they wake up in their own "forest of dreams".

Split Screen
Happy Mood Board
Sad Mood Board

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