Tallahassee, Florida By Connor


Tallahassee is located in the central region of Florida's northern panhandle. Florida between the two cities Jacksonville and Pensacola. Jacksonville, Florida is to the East of Tallahassee about 157 miles. Pensacola, Florida is to the West of Tallahassee to about 175 miles. Unlike the rest of Florida, Tallahassee has a hilly landscape which gives the southern part of the city a way to flat terrain.

Map of where Tallahassee is.

Map of Florida Territory in the 1800s.


The Apalachee and Creek peoples were the first to inhabit the area. During the winter of 1539-40, Spanish(first Europeans to enter the region) explorer Hernando de Soto and his men camped in the region. In 181, Andrew Jackson invaded the Seminoles from an area surrounding Tallahassee. Florida became a territory in 1822 because Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. Andrew Jackson also became the territories first governor for only three months.

Andrew Jackson

At the time, Florida had two capitals, Saint Augustine and Pensacola. In 1842 Tallahassee was chosen for the new capital because of it's central location between Saint Augustine and Pensacola. In 1845, Florida became the 27th state in the U.S., only two secede from the Union in 1861. In the late 1970's, the city constructed a new capitol, a 22 story building with a view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Capitol building in Tallahassee.

The Old Capitol, begun in 1826 and is now serving as the Museum of Florida History.

Tallahassee's Old Capitol building

In 1997, citizens of the new capital chose to discontinue its current system choosing a mayor.


The city is home to several educational institutions for instance Florida State University.

Florida State University Campus.

Around one-third of all employees are employed by the local, state, or federal government. Tallahassee has many government workers because Tallahassee is Florida's state capital. Also electronic equipment, metal products, and printing and publishing are some important products manufactured in the city. Tallahassee also serve's as a trade and distribution location for the region's livestock, agriculture, and lumbering industries.


Goodwood Museum and Garden's, was first constructed during the 1830s and was considered one of the finest examples of original plantation homes built. Six acres of 13 other buildings, a reflecting pool, and a roller rink was featured. The property became a museum and public park in 1990.

Some of the exhibits at Goodwood and Garden's Museum

The Riley House was the home of a former slave who became Leon County's first black school principal. Built in 1890, the museum shows the heritage and history of African Americans.

The Riley House

The state's Vietnam Veterans Memorial is across the street from the Old Capitol. The names of 1.942 dead and 83 missing men are engraved on two granite columns and an American Flag suspended between the two columns.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Tallahassee is also the site of the Museum of Florida History. The museum opened in 1977 and focused on the state's past and present cultures. Including a rebuilt steamboat, cargo from Spanish ships, and a mastodon skeleton.

The Mastodon in the Museum of Florida History.

The old Florida State Capitol gives people the chance to understand what being a lawmaker or State Supreme Court Justice was like during the early 1900's. The exhibits include the Senate and House chambers as well as the Florida Supreme Court chamber.

Rooms in the Old Capitol.

When you go to the Tallahassee Museum you'll be able to see bobcats, wolves, alligators, white-tailed deer, black bears, and other native animals.

The Tallahassee Museum and most of the animals you can see there.

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