The descriptive journey of 3/4C A journey through the senses


There was no sun to wake me up this morning, only the incessant squawking of the Wattle birds in the trees outside my bedroom window. I would love to go out there and scare them off. Plus it was still dark and I was too warm to go outside. But minutes after waking me up, the sounds had disappeared. The bird flew off.

I opened my wardrobe to get some clothes on. I dropped my PJs to the floor and kicked them to the side wall, where they bunched up against all of the clothes I have been wearing lately (but not putting away). My favourite tshirt smells a bit and looks a bit ratty but I don't care. It's comfortable and it makes me feel like ME. Plain grey shorts followed, then my scrappy old runners. The red has faded and they look more dirty than red.

I ignored the mess in the kitchen as I walked into it to make breakfast. Before too long, the smell of old milk and mouldy bread was covered by the aroma of freshly made toast and coffee. I had to have my coffee black because the milk had turned to a cottage cheese like gloop, due to the fact I left it on the bench last night. I dislike black coffee but I dislike having no coffee more.

I wiped the crumbs off my mouth on the way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Looking in the mirror, the face that stared back at me looked extremely worn out and sleep deprived, no doubt because that annoying bird had woken me up every morning at 5:30 for the past three weeks. I didn't consider combing my hair or washing my face, having fresh breath would have to do. Who was I likely to meet or stop and talk to today anyway? Who do I have to look or smell good for? I like the taste of this stripey toothpaste, it reminds me of a mint tea I once drank in Morocco.

I did a final stretch before I got to the front door. I heard some bones in my chest crack. Was that supposed to happen? I looked at my bag and decided I didn't need it today. I'll leave it here. It's too heavy anyway. I grabbed for my phone but noticed it was flat. What good would a flat phone be? Instead I picked up my wallet and keys, put them in my pocket and out I went.


I walked down the street and decided to turn down a much darker street. I saw an abandoned Asylum before me. Cool! I thought to myself, so I went inside. At the front there seemed to be an odd waiting room. To be honest, it looked like a prison cell with a front desk. Weird, I thought. I walked through an opening that lead to a large, dark hallway. I suddenly heard a low, distant moan.

“Where did hat come from?” I asked myself. The hallway split into 3 pathways, each long and dark. The moan seemed to come from the hallway that split to the left. I peered down it, and saw dim light at the end. I slowly crept towards it. The light seemed to come from a crack in the roof, letting a ray of sun shine in. Under the crack, there was a staircase that spiralled down to the base level. I went down the stairs, eager to see more.

The base level was a long pathway filled with old cells that the crazy people used to be in. On each side there was a long row of cells along the walls. All of a sudden, I heard a dripping sound coming from the sixth cell. I walked towards it, and behind the glass on the dresser, there was a knife with blood dripping off the end of it onto the floor. Then, I heard someone moaning again. It came from a spine chilling cell. The cell was large and full of chains and torture machines.

There was a faint figure standing at the back of the room. I stood there, petrified, when I heard scratching on the wall further down the path. I turned to see seven ghostly figures, arms out stretched to scratch the walls, with skull like faces, gliding towards me. They were laughing deep, eerie laughs. I turned my back to them and ran, stumbling up the stairs. At the top, I stopped to catch my breath. But then I heard a horrific scream, so I ran back through the hall, past the three splitting paths, through the waiting room, and out the door, the scream still ringing in my ears. Once it had faded, I turned to face the door. It slowly began to close by itself, and as it closed, I heard a spine chilling whisper. “You may have escaped the Asylum, but you shall never escape the terrors inside it”, it said, ending its sentence with a deep, blood curdling laugh.


I looked around me all I could see were old things. It was very scary around here! Then I saw a sign. I walked up to it very slowly. It said “ Skatepark This Way! ” Then I remembered that I had my scooter but I just left is near the asylum. So I ran back to get my scooter. I sprinted there and quickly rode back to the sign.

When I got to the skatepark there were boys and girls doing kickflps on pennyboards and skateboards! I was the only person on a scooter. My scooter was black with a green pattern type thing. Green handle bars with black wheels. I went to the other side of the skatepark were I could do my favourite trick.

My favourite trick is were you go up a ramp and do a triple tailwhip. Then I thought why don’t I try a quadruple tailwhip! I fell over with a big CRASH!

I got up and tried again and I landed it, that was now my favourite trick! Then everybody at the skatepark came over and started clapping. I was so happy! Then I quickly ran away because I was so embarrassed! As I was running I saw this big thing…………………………….


As I put my scooter away I saw a restricted area I new it was to dangerous. But I thought for a second, I could be a superstar and be on TV and all that stuff so I climbed over the fence. I felt awesome. But no it wasn’t playground no not a lolly shop IT WAS GODZILLA.

I ran as fast as I could I climbed over the fence go up the supercalafradjalisticecspielladochis ramp! I got my scooter and tried the ramp I aimed to skim and doge godzilla’s filthy mouth but my calculations had gone all wrong I was in GODZILLAS MOUTH!!!!

Godzilla was trying to chew me so I jumped into his guts. I looked in my endless bag and saw my medusa’s head that I cut off at the top of mount Everest. As I searched threw my bag more I found a grapple hook. Then I had a FAB-DAB-ULAS Idea!!! I grappled on his tonge and climbed on top of his for head. I brought out my medusa’s head an waved it across his eye. He went blue, then green and purple but then he was stone. As I climbed down from Godzilla but then I see a ballee ball that’s spinning around. It was hypnotising me. I walked to it without knowing and trip over it and land on a sharp that got stuck in my head and die.


A little grossed out, I made my way through some dead bushes and vines, trying to see what was on the other side. Eventually I made it. As I looked up I saw a large, ancient looking house. By the looks of it, a handful of windows were smashed, the grass smelt revolting, just like my brother. I stepped onto the deck...there were missing floorboards everywhere. It looked like a trap. I slowly edged closer to the door observing every floorboard as I did.

As I looked around I noticed two stone gargoyles watching my every move. They had cobwebs coming out from their mouths; I felt a shiver down my spine. As I opened the door I could hear crows squawking in the background. When I stepped inside I heard the door slam shut. BANG!! I looked around to see dangerous weapons hanging off the walls.

Suddenly, I stumbled into an old and dusty chandelier, its broken chards were scattered all over the floor. As I snuck around I heard voices. They weren’t just any voices. They were telling me to go to them. I listened harder, they sounded ghostly. I looked up to see a large and pale white figure hovering in the air. I was so petrified that I sprinted almost a kilometre from the house. Catching my breath I went on my way.


After a crazy, scary, horrifying and petrified haunted house journey, I’m finally out of there! There was a sign pointing at my home that said:” Pascoe Vale O’HEA ST.” I happily walked back home. After a few months of spending some time at home, it’s CHRISMAS! We gave each other a lot of gifts and presents. I’ve got so far 5 gifts cards! Our family love gifts cards! But my mum gave me something different, a snow globe along with a candy cane that said: “BE CAREFUL WITH ME OR OTHER WISE…”

I was pretty scared but I knew it’s going to be fine. When is was 8:o0, it was very cold because it was freezing cold winter. It’s less than 2degrees. I started to eat the red, white, yummy candy cane. Then, I started to shake the snow globe. Then suddenly… I was in a deep sleep…

When l was awake from the deep sleep, I was next a pile of snow. It was so cold and freezing too. But luckily I was in my warm clothing. I kept walking and walking, then snow rained down from the sky randomly. I was scared but nothing was around me other than snow. I kept walking and walking I was so exhausted, so I sat down and rest. I decided to give up so I did. “I’ll never get out of here” I said. With just a blink a fairy was in front of me. The fairy said “ hello fellow l am Amy. I am the most beautiful fairy at magic, land fairy and candy land, I am lost in the snow globe can you please help me?” I said “What… I am in my snow globe?” “yes, you are in the magic snow. Where people get trapped. This is Santa’s evil snow globe” said Amy “I haven’t been naughty this year!” I quickly said. Sorry I meant the EVIL SANTA!!! She said in a evil voice…

Not even a blink she magically turned in to SANTA!!! I was so happy that Santa was here. I was Santa but, he said that I was naughty this year and started to fight with me. So I have to fight back. I didn’t want to at all, but evil Santa was HERE!! First, I punched him in the stomach. BOOM!!!! Went down in just one second! “ on shoot you bro!” I said in a manly voice!

Soon I was let out of the magic snow globe. Then I felling in a deep sleep…



I had just been walking around the streets all alone. Suddenly saw a flash of light coming towards me, I walked closer to see what it was. I took one big step and POOF! The bright light blinded my eyes. BUMP! I felt a bump on my head. I opened my eyes and saw myself laying on a floor of cat hair. ‘’Wait , what? Where am I?’’ I say to myself. ‘’You are in a cattery’’. I heard in a strange voice. ‘’Who are you?’’ I said back. I don’t hear the voice anymore. I put the light on and started to look around.

I heard meowing cats from cages like little mice squeaking. I could smell all the trays filled with cat food. But all I really wanted to do was open the cages for the cats. I couldn’t hold it, then BANG! I heard the door slam open. ‘’ What are you doing here? Get out!’’ I heard that person speak again . ‘’ Wait, what’s your name?’’ I replied. She didn’t say anything. I started asking her if I could help her with the cats. She actually said yes, I wasn’t really expecting that.

I started helping her by taking the cats out of their cages. And I also did some vacuuming, sweeping and putting food and water in their trays. So I got to have so much fun because I love cleaning. ‘’Whoa!’’ the lady came in the room with a smile. ‘’ Is it okay if you can help me?’’ I said. ‘’Yeah sure, you help me, I help you.’’ She said. ‘’What do you need for me to help you with?’’ she says again. ‘’ Well, my home. I don’t have a home. Plus I lost my home.’’ I said back. ‘’What’s your address’’. She said. ‘’ It’s 87 Gaffney street .’’ I said. ‘’Oh I know where that is.’’ She said back to me. She started telling me the directions. ‘’ Go straight , turn right, then go left into Gaffney street, then you’re here.’’ I asked her where the door was. She took me to the door. I turned the door handle and stepped out. ‘’Bye’’ I said.

‘’Bye’’ she said back. I finally found my house.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I fell down a big hole. I saw 6 children lying dead on the ground then I saw a bright yellow flower. He said ‘Howdy, I’m flowy!!’ I found a knife and then I stabbed the flower.

1 hour later….....

‘Holt human I the Great Papyrus, Royal Gard and the Royal chef’ ‘bla bla ‘bye’ ‘sans!!!!!!!!’ ‘yo” I ran and ran as far as I could I was really tired.

Then for some reason, I saw a cat called Timmy. He said ‘Hoi, my name is Timmy this is my friend Timmy.

One hour later….

For some reason, everything is all mouldy and old and dusty. It’s so, so bad and dark. No don’t kill me. Not really… just kidding.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was running for my life I finally got out of the cave. I was so relieved, I saw something scary.


I had just walked out from the underground place. I had seen a dark and gloomy shadow. I read the old and rusty sign that said The ‘Abandoned Cemetery.’ I felt the wind blowing down my back! I saw the trees blowing in the wind that sounded like faint screams. I pockets to try and find my phone. It had slipped out of my hands and broke into 1 thousand pieces.

BANG!!!! The doors of the cemetery had closed and locked me in. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. I was in an abandoned street in an abandoned cemetery. None and I mean NONE comes in this street. Then I heard a low rumbling noise. In no time flat it started to smell like rotten fish… I heard Brain, Brain. After that the whole cemetery turned dark, and then the zombies started to chase me! I ran straight to the gate.

I rattled the lock, having the slightest hope that it will open. But it didn’t. Shame, But for some reason I had a hair pin that had been straightened to pick the lock. It did work and I did escape so I thought for 2.9 seconds but then I thought if I could unlock the lock maybe I could lock it so the zombies don’t get out and harm the world. So that’s what I did, after that I won 21 million dollars and 21 Nobel Prizes.

AT THE MCG by Mohammed

It was that day finally, Carlton vs Geelong. The game started at the MCG. The cats had a man Number 111, it said D. Trump. Man he was so fat if there was a fat and fatter I know who the main character was. Then they put his face on the screen, it looks like the teacher I had in year 4. I loved that teacher who won’t stop picking his nose and who won’t stop picking his wedgie. He was my favourite teacher really he’s the best.

Then at quarter time he was on the floor as if he ran. His disposals were on 0. Then he got a free kick Mathew Kreuzer was on the mark, he smothered the ball Patrick Kripps picked it up and kicked the goal. Trump said I was so close to tackling him when he was 45 metres behind Patrick Kripps. Then it was 4 quarter, scores were blues 427 and cats 0. I saw Trump pick his wedgie 5 4 3 2 1… The first time a team in AFL history has made it past 200 at the end of the game, he told me to shake his hand I said no then he walked away.

R.I.P Trump we miss you.


I stood in front of the old bridge. I wasn’t sure if I should cross it or not. It didn’t look stable to me, but I decided to cross it. I had no other way of getting over the vicious river. I couldn’t swim through it because the current was way too strong. There were rocks, but they were sharp and slippery, so I couldn’t jump on them to get over. I had no choice but to cross the unstable bridge.

The air was cold and it froze my skin. I could hear the water hitting the razor sharp rocks. I put a hand on the rail of the bridge. The rail was rough and gave me splinters. Then I put a foot on the bridge. I heard an ear piercing creak coming from the bridge. I put my other foot on the bridge. I heard another ear piercing creak coming from the bridge. The noise was horrible! I took a few more steps and more creaking noises come from the bridge. I couldn’t bare the creaking noises anymore!

I ran across the bridge as fast as I could. All of a sudden the bridge started to collapse. I ran across as the wooden bridge collapsed into the river. I jumped up and landed on the other side of the river. I wondered if I would ever be able to get back across the vicious river. I didn’t want to be anywhere near that horrible river.

I could see the planks of wood from the bridge floating along the vicious river. I decided to leave the river and hopefully never return. So I left the river so I could continue my exciting journey.


As I walked along the street I came across, well a house. I guess it’s not just a house. It was a huge house with two big triangle shaped windows on the top the roof, and a giant motorised big tail thing. It looked like a giant cat house. I saw wind about three cats in each window. I stood there just watching in amazement.

Being a curious person, I walked up to the door and knocked, I waited for a moment. The door creaked open and an old lady was standing at the door step. She was wearing a pink cardigan and long black pants with white cats on them. “Sorry, wrong house” I said convincingly. “Come in please,” she said, acting like she didn’t hear what I said. I was very curious about this house, so I went in. Cat wall paper with pictures of cats all over it, a framed picture of a cat in a cat frame, and a sofa with about six cats sitting on it. Also a cat TV, were the antennas were shaped as a cat ears, and the TV was always on cat shows. And that’s only the living room!

“Come sit down,” she said. “Let me introduce you to my cats, well that’s”- “ what’s that” I interrupted pointing to a room, “oh that’s the feeding room,” she said, “ Come, let me show you”. She opened the door to a huge room with a lot of cat food and water in it, I think you get the picture of what it is used for.

We sat down. “As I was saying, that’s Fluffy, Peach, Mr snuffles, Sir Jefferson, Mrs Wiggles, Speedy, Violet, Sheepy, Andy, Reda, Rose, Rose junior, Rose senior, Miss Meow-“How many cats do you have!?” I asked, she thought for a moment. “Um about 184,” she said casually.

I went pale and was lost for words, I didn’t dare blink. “Um, I have to go, thanks for the tea though” I quivered. “ Ok see you next time” she said. I walked out, that was a house I would never forget but I got over it soon enough.


I heard a scream from a house. I turned to see a shadowy object gliding towards me. I screamed. All of a sudden all of the lights went out. I saw more and more gliding towards me. I felt the cold breath of a ghost on my skin. I get the goose bumps. I start to run but the ghosts close in on me. The tallest one, which seems to be the leader ghost, comes towards me. It says”if you give me a valuable object we will let you go”. I see a diamond. I grab it. “Here” I say. The circle opens I ran. I went into a house to call the police. The phone was smashed. “NOOO” I scream. The ghosts are back. “w-w-w what do y-y-You want”. “Your soul” The leader ghost whispers. Run I think. I run out of the house. The ghosts stand there paralysed. They sink into the ground. I stop out of breath. They rise up in front of me. “What do you want” I say. The leader ghost says” I want you to come to my side, to be a ghost”. “NO I WILL NOT”I say. I call The GOHSTBUSTERS. “Here we are” says the boss Ghostbuster. “SSSSSSSSS” In the ghosts go.


I could hear some really catchy music. I thought to myself for a moment. Then my legs just started walking off dragging the rest of my body without me agreeing. If you didn’t understand that non-scientific talk basically what I was trying to say is my legs weren’t being obedient. My view starts going fuzzy and blurry. But not normal fuzzy/blurry all colours were going opposite. The green of the trees were going red and the perfect white of the clouds were going black. Then everything went that colour, and by that colour I mean BLACK! Starting from the clouds (black) it leaked like oil and smothered my view. The only sound I could hear was the solemn beat of my heart. Kadump, Kadump, Kadump, Kadump etc. Oh and also a really faint sound of someone speaking with a little crackle in their voice. Everything is still black. I start to get my view back. My eyes were gazing into the sun like the best thing ever! But it wasn’t because I almost got blind. I struggle to sit up but I make it.

I can feel something soft on my (this next word may be too inappropriate for young readers) butt. I also could see man. He had a raggedy old blue shirt. He also had scruffy blond hair and brownish tanned skin. I stood up.” Why am I in a desert?!” I say “Yes!” the man says. Then he turns as quick as that and ran away. “Wait! I need to find my way out of this humongous sand pit!”

I struggled to chase him over the next dune, but then I lose him to the dunes as far as the eye can see. I could only see his footsteps. I followed them under the scorching hot sun with the sand reflecting that light right back at me. Then the footsteps stopped.

I could feel some odd sand under my feet .I look down. I see some really rusty metal. I step on it and it bends down. “I didn’t know I was a metal bender!, or maybe it was just really rusty. I bend the rest so I could get down and then I’m randomly back.


As I left ancient Egypt I felt like lying down. I suddenly remembered the secret hideout I built two months ago. I built it for resting in but it never really came in use. I thought it was about time I used something I hadn’t before.

I started looking around the place where I had built the secret hideout in. But for the first couple of minutes I had no luck. I looked left, right and then walked forwards. Until I realised I never looked behind me. I saw a mini hut made out of sticks and leaves. I walked closer and realised it was my secret hideout!

I walked even closer and a hole that was big enough to get through caught my eye. I crept through and saw all my old comics and posters lying on the floor. I remembered the times when I used to look at comics. I looked at the old wooden seat I built as well.

I kept resting until the sun went down. Then I walked off to see where I was going next. I walked off in a happy mood knowing I had a place to go and be alone. I felt great!


I walked into the pancake parlour because I was hungry. I looked at the menu, Sprinkle Surprise, Strawberry Special, and Chocolate Choice. I got the Strawberry special. I couldn’t wait for some delicious pancakes!

I smelt the strawberry syrup being poured onto the pancakes. When the waiter came over and gave me the pancakes I immediately started cutting my first piece. I then stabbed my fork into it.

Here it goes. I put the fork into my mouth. EEEEEWWW!!!! Brussel sprouts!!!! I spat it out and realised it was filled with mushy green stuff. I quickly ran outside without paying.

I don’t think that anyone saw me run out. If they did I would be wrecked. I didn’t know really what was in that gross pancake but it was yuck! I didn’t know that the lovely, smelling, expensive, pancake parlour was evil! Whatever he gave me was revolting!!! Now I want to go somewhere more fun.


So I decided that I would go to Luna Park. I quickly walked there and was soon at my destination as it was a very short way away. When I got there, there was a big and scary mouth that I was supposed to walk through. Then as I looked closer I saw that the paint was peeling and the eyes had turned a greyish blue like my next door neighbours it looked really creepy. Then before I could stop myself I got pushed through the mouth by a group of sweaty people. YUCK! Now that I was inside I had to do something so I went to the line were you got your tickets.

When I finally got to get tickets I couldn’t really understand the man that was talking because he had a weird accent. So I ended up getting four hour worth of rides rather than two but anyway that was longer no point complaining! I then went to the rollercoaster to have a ride. Luckily for me the person who was there did not have an accent so it was much easier to go on for a ride. When I got on I was really excited, but then when it started going up high I started feeling a bit nervous. Then halfway through I suddenly got jerked forward into the front seat and BANG! CRASH! BANG! My head and my body was banging into the front seat. “Ow!“ I cried then started throwing up. I was so thankful when the rollercoaster stopped. I then decided to go on the ferris wheel. Another mistake.

I didn’t just realise until I looked down, how amazingly high we wear so I started feeling very, very scared. So when I got off as you would guess I was all wobbly and shakey. Then I decided that I would go get some fairy floss. (I was being a bit silly you know). So I went to get it. Then right when I got my fairy floss I took a big bite off it and . . . my mouth stuck together! Oh no, I thought. I must get help! So I tried and tried to yell “Help!” lots of times with my mouth full of sticky fairy floss but as you guess it made no difference. ( Except just made me look funnier and funnier)

But then finally something in the light happened. Oh the memory! This nice looking lady had come up clip clopping in her dazzily high heels. When she saw me. “ Oh dear she had exclaimed in a most polite voice. “ I must help you”. And then she took out this weird looking thing, which she sprayed down my mouth. Then suddenly I could breath! “Thankyou” I said again and again. “You are the best!” “No worries” she said and then clippity clopped away again.


After going to Luna Park I was very tired so I decided just to go home. When I got home, I went out the back and walked up to the acorn tree at the back of the garden. I stepped up onto one of the ledges and punned myself onto the first platform. I climbed up the ladder, made of logs that I had nailed to the side of the tree. I climbed up a little further until I was on the third plank of wood and clambered up into a comfy looking arch branch.

I think I must have fallen asleep because I heard my sister Eva calling me from the bottom of the tree. “Jeff! , Jeff! Come quickly, Boomers lying on the floor and his tummy is bleeding.” I quickly scrambled down from the tree and asked her where our beloved puppy that we had only few week ago. “inside the laundry!” she said yanking me inside. When we got to the laundry boomer was whimpering with pain. “quick go get a blanket!” I yelled. “ok,” she cried running down the hallway to her bedroom. I grabbed some tissues and pressed them onto her wound. I patted her and did my best to sooth her. Eva came running back with a pink and yellow blanket and put it over her. “you wait here, I’m just going to call the vet’’ I shouted running down the hallway. I picked up my mobile phone but then remembered that it was flat so I ran back into the kitchen to use the wall phone. I dialled the vets number and waited for an answer. “hello?’’ asked a lady. “oh, uh, hi’’ I said “how can I help?’’ She said. “well my dog is lying on the floor and her tummy’s bleeding!” I wailed. “oh, I’ll be right there.” The vet said.

When the vet got to our house she took Boomer away. Finally, I could go outside for some peace and quiet!


I had just rented an old wooden sailing boat it had a first mate called Jon, a lookout named Jeff and three others Jim, Jake and jay. There was also a woman named Mary.

We were sailing along when Jeff called out “rocks ahead!” “It’s the dragons teeth,” “Th-the d-d-dragon’s t-t-teeth,” I stuttered. “Yes a mysterious place where many ships go missing,” said Jon in his deep toned voice. Gulp! I gulped loudly.

Suddenly a large mist loomed around us. We were entering the dragon’s teeth. Slowly a majestic song began. As soon as I heard it I felt as though I needed to find the source of that singing. Soon I saw the shapes of women in the water. Mary yelled “sirens!” but none of us listened, we were all too busy listening to the sirens.

Then a siren came extremely close to the ship, drawn by her song Jay leaned close to the edge. He was about to fall out and drown when Mary grabbed him and tied him to the mast. Only then did Mary realise no one was steering the ship! Mary ran to the steering wheel but it was too late we were about to fall down a water fall! We began to fall. We were falling faster and faster the sirens all had gone away. Suddenly we all snapped out of the trance we were in. quickly Jon said “Hoist the main sail and jump off” we jumped off and landed in the water then the ship landed with a ginormous splash!

After the ship landed we continued to sail. When we reached the port I thanked Mary and said goodbye. After that I thought I’d go some were less dangerous. “A running track maybe?” I thought.


As I left the lake there were no sounds anywhere. I walked and walked. I couldn’t see anyone, I couldn’t hear anyone. I stopped and I saw a running track. It reminded me when I was in primary school. I had always wanted to become a athlete.

I started to run, I started slow then started getting faster. I ran a 400 metre sprint and then had a brake. I remembered that I had beaten my score from primary school.

I felt proud running on this track after a few years and beating my score. As I started walking home I saw my old coach from primary school. ”Hi” he said “Hi” I said wondering if he still remembered me. “I saw you running on the track, you were really good.” He said. “Thanks” I said “Well I am going to be a new coach for the American Athlete team, if you want to join us that well be grate because you are a pretty fast runner.” “Okay I need to go home bye.” Bye” he said.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait until I got home. 10 minutes later I got home and my mum said “can you go to Walmart?” “sure” I said. So I went to Walmart.


As I left the running track I could see an old was falling down. As I got closer I could see the door. Slowly I climbed in. I could already smell the scent of dead rats. I could faintly see people on the roof through a whole. I couldn’t tell what they were doing. As I got further inside I could see an old ripped sign. It said something but I couldn’t read it properly. I think it said Walmart but I wasn’t quite Shure. I just assumed it was Walmart. About 2 minutes later I got to the main foyer.

I could the old steps. Apparently these steps had made 10 people trip. 3 of them died and the other 7 seriously injured. I could also see dusty old clothes being used as rat homes. There was graffiti everywhere and grass growing through holes in the ground. Suddenly I heard a groan. I saw a shadow coming out from under the dreaded steps. As the shadow got closer I could faintly see it was an old man, his clothes were ripped and his breath smelt like a fart bomb. As the man got just about able to touch me he tripped on some grass. I asked if he was ok. He just let out a load moan. As he got up he tried to grab me. I jumped back.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the steps. I felt as scared as a scaredy cat. I just had to run but I also had to see who was coming down the steps. I decided to wait a bit longer. Finally they got down. It was the cops. I bolted but they were hot on my heels. I noticed they were holding something. I knew what they were holding wasn’t good but I didn’t know that it was that bad. They were holding a rifle. I decided to just head straight for the exit. But that meant I had to pass the creepy old man again but if I didn’t go past him I would probably be shot dead. I had to go past him. As I ran past him I could see him getting ready to leap at me.

As he lunged at me I jumped over him. Luckily the cops didn’t. They tripped over him witch meant I had just enough time to escape through a hole in the wall.


As I left that dreaded Walmart I decided to cross the busy street. I walked into the parking lot of a shopping centre. I was drawn by the smell of Mc Donald’s. I was drawn by the smell of Mc Donald’s so I went in.

I casually strolled into the Mc Donald’s to the left of the parking lot and ordered a double cheese burger. I slumped into a chair and looked out the window I could see people almost running around gathering things as if they were late for a wedding. I then turned around and noticed that there was a TV and noticed that a bad fishing show was on.

I then heard someone call out “63!” I checked my ticket and went to collect my double cheeseburger. It was bigger than I thought, I went back to my table and took my first bite; it was the perfect combo of meat, cheese, bread and tar tar sauce it was heaven.

Once I finished my burger I decided to take a look around the place. I could see a kid eating loaded fries and someone yelling at the create your taste machine and then they punched the stone pillar, it looked like they broke their fist so with that I left.


When I left the Mc Donald’s I found a free UFC ticket. On the ticket it said Ronder Rouse Vs Natarleyu at….. 1 day later. I went to the UFC match. The lady asked me “What is your name?” I replied “Jeff” “Ticket” said the lady and I show my ticket. She said “you can go” “Thanks” I said and I went in. I realise I’m the first person “Wow” I say. 1 hour later “Where is everyone” Then everyone started coming. The lights turn on.

“Here is Ronder Rose” says the reff “In the other corner is Natarleyu” said the reff “DING DING DING” goes the bell “and Ronder go’s at Natarleyu like a bull Natarleyu gets ahead lock on her. Ronder lifts her up and drops her on her head. Ronder goes to her and does a SumoSlame, on Natarleyu Woooo, that has to hurt. What is Ronder doing Woo SHE IS DOIN THE RKO OUT OFF KNOW WHER.” She goes for a pin.” Said the reff. The crowd goes wild “Natarleyu dose a SumoSlam but Ronder reverses it and dose a RKO. Well it is half time folks. “Said the reff and I go to get a cheese burger and some chips.

I go back to the stadium. And realise I’m early. So I go back out side and sit on the seats out side of the stadium.

I go back in and see nearly everyone is in side I go in and take a seat. “ DING DING DING” goes the bell “Ronder goes straight at Natalya, like a bull Ronder goes for the clothes line and knocks Natalya right to the ground, Ronder goes straight for the pin. “Says the reff “123” Says the reff “Ok that is it for today folks. “ Says the reff and I get up and go.


I woke up I thought of the UFC match I thought of what to do today so I thought I would go to the movies

So I got out of bed and got ready. I wondered what movie I was going to watch but didn’t think anything so I continued getting ready I brushed my teeth but I realise I don’t have any tooth paste. So I just skipped brushing my teeth. So I just washed my face. Then I got dressed I was wearing some old shorts and a old t-shirt.

The shorts didn’t fit me but I still wore it. Then I went to the movie it’s so packed. I hand no were to sit so I sat on the floor . The movie was about a chicken dancing, it was so boring I wanted to leave, but I thought. I thought if I left I would be wasting my money so I just stayed there. I was wasting my time for this crapy movie at lest I had popcorn and a drink. I went to the counter and got a ice cream. I went up stairs to the move I ate my ice cream. Finally the movie had finished I drove home.

When I got home I got dressed ewwww my clothes smell like last week dinner I can’t be bothered to change.

THE TRUTH by Hannah

I left the cinema and kept walking. It was the last step of the journey. I’d been to so many places and seen so many things. Where would this journey end? I know I… Wait…. None of this makes sense! I was at the skatepark then all of a sudden I was in Godzilla’s belly. Then I was in a dark and scary haunted house. How can this be real?

If I could go to all those places, where would the best place be? Woooopppp…… I was at AAMI Park. I was standing in front of the colourful domes. When I looked down I was in an Arsenal Kit and people kept coming up to me. I walked inside and some random guy came up to me and said “Quickly, get to the change rooms”. When I got there the team ecstatically said “Finally you’re here!” WOO HOO! When we were warming up the warm ups seemed quite strange.

I was getting my makeup done as if I was in a movie. WIZZ!! “Time to go” Shouted the coach. Clomp Clomp, Went our feet as we ran down the race. I was told to be striker. I had never been striker before. When the whistle blew, I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was gonna faint.

I was up close to the goal, Alexis booted the ball to me and I headed it. I watch the ball as it headed towards the goals. The goalie saved it, it came back to me I toe bashed it, it went into the corner of the goal. I heard someone say CUT! I turned around and saw the director, he ran up to me and said “great job with the acting and everything, it really looked like you didn’t know what you were doing!”

You've reached the end of the journey.


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