COM60203-0325576/ Re-discovering Ingenuity of Youth Exercise 1

Hiii my name is Celine Diva Tulaar. I'm 19 years old and came from Bandung, Indonesia. My hobby are actually really mundane which is sleeping, shopping and watching movies. I like all about Korea, from Kpop to Kdrama. I also like taking pictures with my phone but rarely use DSLR camera. I also like to become the model of it. From learning this module i want to become more capable in taking pictures using DSLR camera.
Re-discovering the Ingenuity of Youth for me is related to new media era. In this new media era a lot of students prefer google or any other platforms to find informations. Some information are not available to be open using the platforms and we young generation choose to give up on finding that particular information. What we forgetting about is that books is still number one source of information. Some information that can't be found in the platforms sometimes can be found in the books. Like the saying says "Book is Window of the Worlds", this picture shows the meaning of it perfectly.
Photo Details: f/3.5, 1/40 shutter speed, ISO2000

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