being 15 in the bvi by: shelby mccannon comp 9 hour 1

in the bvi students must be stressed out by school work, because they wont have time to work on some of their school work and homework because they are either learning about school or they are out learning about other cultures around the island. also they only go to school from ages 5 to 16 and when their 15 they only have one more year of school before they are done with school.
some times i wish i could live in the bvi because of there social. some cool arts of being 15 in the bvi might be there social life because they can go to local concerts, game nights full moon parties and more.

through this prosses by making a connection i learned that we have a lot in common yet some diffrent things. we have a lot in commen because of our social life and having connections and fun game nights with our friend.


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