Math Project Owen jason

A mirror is a perfect example of translation. Everything in the mirror shows a perfect reflection of whats being put in front of it, just like a translation in math.

A door is a great representation of a rotation. The door pivots around one point just like a pivot in math.

Drinks at your favorite fast food restaurants is a great example of dilations. An extra large and a small is exactly like a dilation because they are the exact same shape but different size.

Shipping crates are an example of slides in real life. As they are picked up and move from one place to another, it represents and slide in math.

A swing set is another example of rotation. again it pivots around a set point just like a rotation in math.

One more example of a rotation is a watch. The hands on the clock represent a shape, set of coordinates, or a single coordinate pivoting around a pivot point, exactly like in math.

These two chairs show a great example of a dilation. They are the exact same shape but one is smaller, just like a dilation in math.

One more thing that we think represents a rotation well is a is a door knob. We think the both the lock and the knob itself represent a rotation because the both rotate perfectly around a set point, exactly like a rotation in math.

Cars driving is an example of a slide. A slide in math is where a shape moves from on point to another by sliding across the grid. This behavior is almost identical to cars driving minus turning and switching lanes.

Two desk show a flip reflection because the shape (the desk) flips perfectly over the reflection line (the line where the desks meet). This perfectly represents a reflection in math.

A game of chess or checkers is full of slides. every time you move a piece forward that is a slide.

Lastly. Mrs stones clock is a perfect example of a rotation. The hands on the represent a shape, set of coordinates or a single coordinate. We can see the rotation when we look at the clock as the minute hands goes around, wait to finally get out of math class.

Thanks for watching.


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