Survivors Maria Gerardo-Dominguez

Are you wondering what some of our wonderful and hardworking teachers and staff are doing? Well it seems despite these hard times they have still been keeping their spirits up by entertaining themselves with various activities. From online teaching to family funtime, check out what these fabulous teachers are doing during social distancing.

Ms. Umstead seems to be searching for some hidden treasure!

We know Ms. Umstead has kept herself busy. She has still kept up with her favorite Astronomy Class. Though besides being a librarian and teacher, it seems that she has a secret identity as well. What long lost treasure could she be searching for? I guess that will be something we will have to leave up to our imagination for now.

Sometimes our furry friends want to join in the learning too! Ms. Marcuccio has been doing online classes with Oreo right at her side. Being with our pets can help make teaching just a bit more exciting. I’m sure Ms. Marcuccio and Oreo will have a great time spending more time together during this time of quarantine.

Ms. Gonderinger purr-fecting her calculations

Ms. Gonderringer hasn’t given Algebra a break just yet! She has been busy grading and reviewing her students’ assignments and quizzes. She seems to be enjoying the company of her kitty laying comfortably on her lap. She’s still cheerful as ever even through these tough times. No corona is going to get in her way!

Sister D is keeping herself strong and is still working hard despite these hard times. She is still keeping the students and families in her heart as she works hard from the comfort of her home.

Mrs. Powers doing some fun outdoor activities with the family

Besides helping students, Mrs. Powers has been keeping herself busy with her 3 boys James,Conor, and Sean. When it’s beautiful outside, Mrs. Powers and her family enjoy the sunshine and hang out together. When it’s raining, she gets to build tents inside her home. She makes sure that her family and her get to enjoy the outdoors when possible.

Study Time
Mr. Jensen and his children

Besides online teaching, Mr Jensen has also been busy with his children . He has been helping them with their online classes as well. It seems that they are having a fun study session all together as a family. Though we can safely say Mr Jensen is looking very stylish with his Danish princess mug.

Mr. Maddigan and his family taking some family selfies

The Madigans are making the best of the situation. They are able to spend more time together by taking some cute family photos! During quarantine Mr. Madigan and Mrs. Madigan get to have more time with their adorable daughter Claire as well as their family dog Fletcher!

Even though our teachers may be having fun during this quarantine, they still dearly miss their students and the expirence a classroom has compared to online teaching. Hopefully our teachers and their families stay safe during this time and that they work hard during these tough times.

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