Preventing Legal Difficulties made by dorcas

  1. if the contract is complex or involves much time or money put it in writing even when the state of frauds does not require this..
  2. If a prepared contract is presented to you for your signature read it carefully especially if its a contract of adhesion.
  3. Insist that all terms of the contract that you do no understand be defined and explained
  4. Make sure that all changes are written into the contract on all copies as well as on the original and that all changes are initialed by both parties.
  5. Be sure all desired terms are expressed in writing or included by specific reference to any other relevant document(s)
  6. When any payments have been made in cash, be sure to get a receipt if payment is not acknowledged in the contract
  7. For contracts within the statue of frauds, be sure the party on the other side signs


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