Plant Types By Henry Neuman

Bryophytes: A type of non-vascular plant found near fresh water.

Traits: They are very small, Cu tile and stomata are absent

Examples: Java moss, Polytrichum commune

Gymnosperms: Gymnosperms are woody plants that produce seeds

Traits: They do not have an outer covering or shell around their shells, They do not Produce flowers

Examples: Maiden hair tree, Giant sequola

Angiosperms: The angiosperms are vascular seed plants in which the o rule (egg) is fertilized and develops into seed in an enclosed hollow orary

Traits: Angiosperms have carpels that enclose developing seeds that may turn into a fruit, Their ability to flower sets them apart from non-living plants

Examples: Dicotyledon, Magnoliids


Created with images by Cuno de Boer - "P1070509.JPG" • vastateparksstaff - "Polytrichum commune; common haircap moss" • The Last Manx Elf - "More Branches in Springtime" • kasabubu - "sequioa tree sequioa national park california" • Dick Culbert - "Guatteria amplifolia, known as Yayito"

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