Live Your Thing By Zama Rripa

American Soul

2018 | Folk

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“Arguing, gossipin’ getting’ caught up with people you’ve never even met. -- And all the distractions, infractions suckin’ all your time on the internet. -- Givin’ in to angst, frustration, and disdainin’ for the whole human race. -- The only person you control is in the mirror starin’ back at you in the face."


  • Liberty-peace-love-minded-street-busking-singer-songwriter in Miami, Florida by way of Los Angeles, California.
  • It was written in the midst of the mainstream-media-ginned-up post-Trump-election-hysteria.
  • "The Bigger the Government, the Bigger the Politics, the Bigger the Politics, the Bigger the Social and Economic Chaos." - Zama
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Luke Tatum

Drives home the idea that to be a human is to be an individual. Fun, "feel good" song to get yourself off the couch and making progress towards your goals. The idea that the culture has been falling apart, people are upset by the "slightest of sounds," this is hardly even up for debate any longer. Should we stay and try to change things back? Should we find a better place to live? Whatever you choose, live your life your way.

Sherry Voluntary

This song isn’t really my cup of tea, but the message is legit, and one that I think many libertarians could benefit from, and that is to remember that there is more to life than talking about war, and oppression, and tyranny. Talking about those things is important, and so many of us are passionate about trying to reach others, but it can really wear us down if that’s all we ever do. Life is out there that it’s waiting to be lived. We should take advantage of the opportunities to appreciate the good stuff and let it refresh us and remind us of what is worth fighting for.

Nicky P

I'm always gonna be biased on these Zama Rripa tracks. He's a super rad dude and someone I would consider a friend. I find his vocals and lyrics super charming. It's a little surprising they don't come out more verbose than they are because in a five minute conversation he'll cite enough books and papers to give you reading for a month. I especially love how he manages to craft simple catchy songs with solid hooks but still works in some real world economics and political theory. The important part of this song is that it stresses do your thing. Not someone else's. Repay that in kind and we're all better off. I wonder if the choice to keep all the "go"s is to really sell the it's your business til yo make it my business side of tings.

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Nicky P