Digital story for The Scarlet letter By - Mario Pedraza

A gloomy day can symbolize the prison door because the door makes you think of a sad and dark place just like a gloomy day can.
The sharpie being a permanent marker is symbolizing the scarlet letter "A" because it will always be there to remind her and others of her wrong doing.
Like the scarlet letter "A" this hat is meant to show that the person has done something wrong and they are being punished in a way to show others that this person has done something wrong.
The rose bush is similar to the Cubs because the team brought so much hope for a World Series title to the fans during the post season. The reason bush does a similar thing in the sense it is the only nice thing prisoners see in the book at the prison that gives them some type of hope when they see it.
For the wilderness and forest I chose a closed door because the people in the town describe the wilderness as the unknown. Like a closed door you will never know what's there till you go in.
The red marks on Dimmesdale's chest is how he dealt with his guilt. I used the floor because when someone feels guilt they are looking down on themselves because of an action they have done. I used te floor as a symbol that literally shows what some may be looking at when feeling guilty.
In the book sunlight is shown as something peaceful and I just the rosary because for some prayer can be the most peaceful time for them.
This can symbolize Chillingworth's deformity because he is described as looking very different from others but doesn't say it stops himm from anything. Like a dented computer it can still work though it has a part of it out of it's meant shape.
Hester gets in trouble for adultery because it is a sin and she lives in a puritan community where they take sin very serious. The able is representing the orginal sin when they ate the forbidden friut. This is to represent Hester's sin.
Dimmesdale has been keeping his part of th adulty in secret I chose the lock to show how he is trying to keep this act secret from others knowing he is the father of Pearl.
Dimmsedale is a minster that preaches for the people in his area. I am using the bible to symbolize his occupation.
Medicine is normally given or suggest by a doctor I'm use this to symbolize that Chillingworth is a Doctor.
People use these as notes to remember things like what they need to do. It symobolizes Pearl is a constant reminder to Hester on what she did.


Created with images by Lachlan Hardy - "Not cool." • Patsy M_ - "apple" • MosterStina - "lock locked padlock" • ND Strupler - "Bible" • Jamiesrabbits - "Pills" • quinet - "Post-it note"

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