Mark Zukerberg by Jonathan Fernandez, period 2

  • Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York.
  • has has two sisters, Donna and Arielle, one brother Randi, Dad Edward, and mother Karen
  • By the age of 12, he made a messaging program that is father used in his dental office
  • he attended high school at Ardsley high school, New York, then graduated from Phillips Exter Academy, New Hampshire
  • While in high school, he enrolled with Mercy College to take a course in software programming
  • After he graduated from Exter, he attended Harvard college

Mark really didn't have any jobs before he created Facebook, he just created a lot of computer programs, a lot of them made at Harvard. Zucknet was a program he made for his fathers dentist office for communications. His first program he created at Harvard was Coursematch, which helped students figure out what classes to take. Facemash was a site where you could vote, based on two pictures, who was hotter. Harvard Connection was an on campus dating site, however he dropped out of that one before it was fully functional

During his sophomore year in 2004 he and a couple of friends created a site, The Facebook, and first ran it out of their dorm room. After his sophomore year he dropped out of school to fully devote himself to his website.

  • by the end of 2004, he moved his company to Palo Alto, California and facebook had a million users
  • in 2005 Facebook got a 12.7 million dollar investment by Accel Partners, and Mark opened up the cite to anyone, instead of just ivy league students
  • with all the success, he did face some challenges, in 2006 the creators of Harvard Connection claimed mark stole their ideas. later in the investigations there were incriminating messages found that proved mark guilty and ended up losing 65 million
  • in 2009, Ben Mezrich wrote a story about Mark and later that year Aaron Sorkin made a movie about Mark, criticizing him. Mark later said that a lot of the information was incorrect.
  • despite all the criticism and hurdles mark and Facebook continued to strive, being named man of the year in 2010 by Time¬†magazine, and having an estimated net worth of 6.9 billion dollars by the end of 2010
  • in may 2013 Facebook made the fortune 500 list, making mark the youngest CEO ever to be on the list at the age of 28

i couldn't find specifically what strategies mark used, but i would say he used his prior knowledge and websites he used and improved upon those websites to make Facebook. Also he provided an alternative service, because at the time, MySpace was very popular. Mark also was not afraid to take risks and fail, he used his failure as inspiration to do better and as a lesson to know not what to do anymore.



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