Goldilocks ...left Reception feeling a little shocked!

I was lucky enough to join Reception this morning in the Butler Hall when to our great surprise and a little horror, it appeared that a young lady going by the name of Goldilocks had fallen asleep! Luckily she hadn't eaten all of the porridge and Aubrey managed to rustle up a bowl for everyone that wasn't too hot...nor was it too cold but it was just right!

Goldilocks awoke to a bit of a shock...
Visible excitement...!

When the three bears arrived, I think that excitement literally boiled over and 60 bears came to life. I love watching this curriculum bringing out a sense of wonder and delight and judging by the tales being told at home time, I'm hoping that a lot of this learning will come home and live long in their memories...this is the very purpose of education, bringing learning to life!

What a modern bear...taking selfies to share with Reception Learning Journals!

I would like to thank our special fury grizzlies who came out of the woods and Goldilocks who all took time out of their days to visit...I'm not sure what it says about a staff group who love dressing up...but I've not heard quite so much laughter throughout the school as Goldilocks and the three bears chose to go a little off-script and traumatise the accounts department, HR office and staffroom!

Tim Calvey

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