PGA TOUR QUIZ RESULTS By: Matthew dimaria

Out of the 10 responses I got 7 of them were actually correct! Which in my mind is kinda wild, I was very pleased with the results to this question.

Being the best golf captain in the history of NDCP is a bug accomplishment, though not in my top 5

This one was pretty close I'm happy that no one actually chose Canada for his question! But 6 out of 10 of the respondents answered correctly witkh Scotland!

St.Andrews is one of the oldest courses of all time in the history of golf. Scotland is where the wonderful game of gold began.

Unfortunately only 1 out of 10 respondents actually answered this question correctly. Plus I'm almost positive that they guessed and just happened to get it right!

Prestwick Country Club hosted the very first ever PGA golf tournament.

4 out of 10 choose the correct answer for this question which was C. The rest of the responses were split even between the other three choices.

The first Major championship winners were all considered to be among the best golfers of all time! Horace Rawlins, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, & Jack Nicholas. Whoa were these guys good!

5 of 10 answered this question correctly as well which was C. 4 others choose B, and 1 choose A.

Tournament Rules, and Cuts were actually established because too many players from all over the world were coming out and playing in these tournaments. So the PGA decided they needed to cut players day by day until only one victor is left!

Although the rules of cuts have been implaced them game of golf truly haven't changed from its passed time other than modern equipment and nicer courses. The rules other than cuts have always been the same.

3 of 10 answered this question correctly being C. 3 choose B, and another 3 choose D, and only 1 choose A.

The clubs have been modified to make the game more enjoyable and also help players play better with putting spin on the ball and many other new features!

5 of 10 choose the correct answer on this question being C, Arnold Palmer. 4 choose D, Tiger Woods. 1 choose Jack Nicholas.

Arnold Palmer, statistically speaking Palmer is the greatest golfer of all time. Averaging a score of -7 par.

Only 1 choose the correct answer on this question being D, Innisbrook Country Club. 6 choose Augusta National. 2 choose Medina, and 1 choose TPC:Sawgrass.

Out of all the courses the pros play on they say The Copperhead at innisbrook is there all time favorite.

6 out of 10 respondents actually answered this question correctly being, C. 3 choose B and 1 choose D.

The LPGA was established in the year 1950. The best of the best play against each other in an all female professional tour.

Unfortunately only 1 out of 10 choose the correct answer for this question being D, Jack Nicholas. 3 choose A, Arnold Palmer, 5 choose C, Tiger Woods, and 1 choose B, Freddy Couples.

Jack Nicholas won the most PGA tournaments of all time. He won 6 masters, 12 opens, 4 PGA championship, and 8 British Opens.

"I may walk slowly, but I never walk backwards" - Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe by far the best president of the United States of America. A democratic president who ran the country like a republican.


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