A Droplets Journey By Maliya Black

Darline the droplet, had been sleeping in this spot since the beginning of her life. This has been her home for many years, until she started feeling dizzy. Then she started flooating in the air! Which is called "Sublimation, going from solid ice to a gas." She was terrified but there was a lot of drips with her so she felt a little better.

She floated, and floated, and floated until she couldn't float anymore, but when she stopped floating, she realized that she wasn't at home any more, she was in the cotton candy cloud land! It was so beautiful, she was in awe.

A few days later the other water droplets started jumping up and down in the clouds. The clouds started to tear up and precipitate; rain falling from the clouds. We fell really fast, back down to the earth. I landed in a lake full of friends. "I screamed so loud that I think everyone heard me." Darline whispers with embarrassment.

"I don't think you screamed that loud Darline." Darline's friend Dean said with encouragement.

Darline and her friend Dean went back and forth to the clouds and the lake a couple times, it was very fun with all this evaporation and precipitation. One day, when Darline came back down, she didn't land in the lake, Darline landed in the soil surface without Dean by her side. If she would have infiltrated any deeper she would have become part of the ground water.

After landing in the soil, Darline decided to sleep for a little while, so she did, she slept for 3 long years. When she woke back up, she squeezed herself back up to the surface, ending up in the river.

Darline floated down the river for a few days. At night she could never sleep, she always heard noises. Splash, splash. Kerplunk. She was as tired as a turtle. Until one day, she ended up back in the lake, where she had found her friend Dean. They were very happy to see each other.

Darline and Dean were always together, they never left each other's side. They stayed in the lake for as long as they lived, and they had a happy ever after!

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Maliya Black

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