Your Theme Portfolio Project Tionna M. McClenon

Hope & Growth
Hope: One day the next generation will also see her lovely face in their Black History books. Growth: Being independent and intelligent enough to strive for more, even at such a young age.
Hope: To be a social worker in poverty-stricken areas, so others can be saved from the same struggles he went through. Growth: Being man enough to do more so his children can have a proper role model.
Hope: We will matter enough one day not to be slaughtered. Growth: Understanding that his life is expendable in this world.
Hope: She will make it to her 18th birthday without as much trauma and heartache as I did. Growth: Becoming the woman our family knows she can be.
Hope: This will never be a predicament my sister is in. Growth: Being so passionate about preserving our lives that she goes into a career field meant to help not hinder.
Hope: Police will see more than a hoodie when they see young black boys walking. Growth: Being man enough to go the right way and help others down the right path.
Hope: Basketball & Sports will never have to be his "only way out." Growth: Deciding on the career best fit for him even if it is sports, as long as he doesn't feel obligated.
Hope: We can "X" out stereotypes so he will never be seen as a statistic. Growth: Understanding the power he has in his walk, his voice, and his body language.
Hope: All young black boys, girls, men, and women can one day see themselves as Kings and Queens. Growth: Being able to pass this message on properly.
Hope: To restore. Growth: Reaching young hearts around the world to make this dream possible.
Hope: I will one day find a "Home" as my parents have, rather than a house. Growth: Having the mindset and intelligence needed to accomplish my future goals.
Hope: School's will become equal and fair to all, not just some. Growth: Becoming an advocate for kids in unfair educational situations.
Hope: To bloom without my life being cut short by spite, envy, and hatred. Growth: Blooming on my own time, into the flower I choose to be.
Hope: To survive. Growth: Pulling others out the same situation.
Hope: I will one day soar beyond the clouds and live out my wildest dreams. Growth: Caring enough about my future and myself to make it that far.


All photos were taken by Tionna M. McClenon

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