Zachery C. Bonzheim Digital Resume

I am an Global Politics student with a wide array of professional experiences. I’m looking for opportunities to continue my growth as a professional in realms that allow me to be creative while utilizing my variety of skills. Through my experiences, I have learned skills in communicating, sales, and graphic designs. I am very well rounded and knowledgeable about the urban planning, politics, and more yet eager to learn more. I have great experience in writing, sales, social media, marketing, and video production. I am a goal oriented person who is a capable multi-tasker and team player. I have a true passion for hard work, being productive, and being an active learner. My goal is to one day have a career that combines my educational background with my passions and create a real impact on the future.

Although this picture shows my skills at GIMP and photo-editing, I hope one day I will be in this position.

Skilled in video production and video editing. Check out my high school and club soccer highlight films to see.

Skilled in creating websites, blogs, web pages, social media, and other forms of communication involving the internet. Below is a link of a website that I created. Below also features a "WeWOOD" button featuring my research project and presentation I created using Adobe Spark, Canva, and many other online tools and the webpage for Women's Education and Contraceptives, a proposed NGO made using Piktochart. I am very skilled in web design and social media marketing.


I attend the College of Social Science at Michigan State University and major in International Relations and minor in Urban and Regional Planning. I was in James Madison College at Michigan State University for 2017. In James Madison I studied International Relation and Comparative Cultures and Politics. JMC is one of the best colleges for international studies in the World and Michigan State ranks among top universities in the US and the entire planet but I left to pursue my interests in Urban and Regional Planning.

Michigan State University Crew

Michigan State vs Notre Dame. I am in the three-seat with the white hat for Michigan State.
At Michigan State University I was a member of Men's Crew. Being a student athlete at Michigan State University was an honor, a responsibility, and a pleasure. Being a student athlete allowed for a great balance between school work, fitness, and socialization. The skills in teamwork, dedication, responsibility, time management, and perseverance can in very handy while rowing for Michigan State.

In January 2018 I was the Michigan State University Spotlight Athlete and had a lengthy article written about me and my journey to MSU. Go ahead and read it. The month was also full of other rowing and athletic achievements including being on the winning side in the annual Million Meter Challenge and winning the team award in the Broken Oar Challenge, an award for the most physical activity outside of team training sessions. My boat was very successful finishing as the third fastest 2F in the Dad Vail Regatta (the unofficial collegiate national championship) and third fastest 2F at MACRA (the Midwest collegiate championship).

Before and after photos of the Million Meter Challenge. I was on Team State in the green and can be seen to the left of the Thank You sign in both pictures. My team won both the fundraising portion and the meter output.

Spartan Ski Club

As a member of Spartan Ski Club we took trips to snowboard and ski to Keystone, Colorado, A Basin, Colorado, Vail, Colorado, and Breckenridge in the Winter of 2018. During the fall, Spartan Ski Club (SSC) was responsible for organizing and hosting football game day events ranging in size from 200 to 950 people.
I made the Dean's List in Fall 2018 with a GPA above 3.5
I made the Dean's List in Spring 2019 with a GPA above 3.5


I attended The University of Findlay (Findlay, OH) from 2016 until 2017. I was working on a bachelors of Economics and International Business

University of Findlay Men's Soccer

I played for the Findlay Oilers soccer team, at the time members of NCAA Division II Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Member of the Varsity Soccer Team. I started 9 games on the season as a true-freshman.

American Planning Association

I am currently a member of the American Planning Association. The American Planning Association is a professional organization representing the field of urban planning in the United States. The largest membership organization of professional planners in the world. Meant to provide leadership in the development of vital communities.

PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY: He plans on obtaining a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning with a specific field of interest in environmental planning. He is currently a senior at Michigan State majoring in Social Science and minoring in The City (Urban and Regional Planning). He has the current goal of being admitted to a PAB and ACSP accredited program and once admitted, to be fully committed to excelling in studies and research. If he were able to maximize his potential he would be an urban planner working for the city of Boulder, Colorado and hold a certification as an American Institute of Certified Planner (AICP) and an advanced certification as an AICP Certified Environmental Planner (CEP).


Lansing City Futsal

Intern at Lansing City Futsal

While working for Lansing City I was tasked with branding. Branding included, apparel design, marketing, and advertising. I was on the head design team that launched the Summer 2018 Apparel line. I also helped with game day operations.

The Michigan Senate

I interned for Senator Colbeck at the Michigan Senate where I received extremely useful duties and responsibilities. I learned human resource skills, phone answering skills, and many more. I was tasked with answering constituent, organizational, and governmental phone calls and replying to these same emails. I logged these into IQ, the governmental constituent database which I professionally trained on. I also was tasked with setting up one of the largest Memorial Day services in Michigan. I was a registration supervisor and a courier during the event. At the event I began by making sure everyone knew how to register the guests and I registered Military Gold Star families myself. Later in the day, I was tasked with running messages and items to other supervisors throughout the Capitol and the Binsfeld Senate Building across the street. I gained skills in interpersonal communication and leadership.

Here is a list of tasks I completed during my internship...

  1. Read bills and wrote 4 professional summaries
  2. Wrote six tributes
  3. Wrote 4 Co-Sponsor Memos for a 4 bills
  4. Read 4 bills and write analysis for them
  5. Wrote 5 constituent responses (letter and email)
  6. Wrote 4 press releases
  7. Researched and wrote an Issue Brief
  8. Researched and wrote 5 topics for a E-newsletter
  9. Research project - Medical Marijuana tax revenue breakdown
  10. Research project- Wayne County Veterans Information Verification
  11. Research project- District 7 School Database
  12. Created Wayne County Veterans Brochure
  13. Handled many unexpected issues
  14. Handled Scheduling - learned ins and outs
  15. Worked on daily tasks, phone etiquette, digitizing constituent materials/resource
  16. Delivered important documents and tributes to other government offices in Lansing
  17. Wrote a daily agenda for session for Senator Colbeck and went over it with him in a meeting
  18. Received Formal and Professional Office Orientation- Went over intern manual, orientation of office, Senate floor rules, introduction to sergeants, fellow 3rd floor offices, taught the basics, inserted contact information into recall roster, uploaded work schedule into Intern outlook calendar
  19. Received Formal IQ Database Training
  20. Received Badge and Parking Permit
  21. Reviewed/Explained Senator Colbeck’s Position
  22. Misc. Office Functions – Labeled Pamphlets, Filed Paperwork, Began Digitization project on paperwork, and anything else needed
  23. Watched Senate Sessions – Sat in the gallery and watched sessions of senate
  24. Attended a Committee Meeting
  25. Came up with content for Senator's FB page/Twitter
  26. Attended multiple conferences
  27. Helped organize the largest Memorial Day Service in Michigan and worked as head of registration for it
  28. Created a website for this same Memorial Day Service
  29. Attended over 20 professional luncheons
  30. Attended multiple professional workshops
  31. Helped organize tours of the Michigan Capitol and Senate Building
  32. Attended office sponsored events such as Gun Day on the Lawn

No Lines- Custom Activewear

While interning for Lansing City Futsal, they partnered with No Lines Custom Activewear as the official provider of clothing. No Lines offered me an opportunity to continue my work with an internship for them in marketing and branding. While with No Lines, I was on a design team that helped to create a professional soccer team's jersey and apparel line.

Work Experience

Absolute Concrete

Absolute Concrete, Free soil, Michigan (2013-2016)
General Worker. Helped working with individual customers through the school year and my athletic schedule. Delivered and picked up invoices, estimates, and payments. Met with clients to take requests for their products. Trusted with the operation of heavy machinery


After starting and working for my own brand, I decided I would be more suited to be apart of another brand at a smaller role. At Halifornia Apparel I served as a brand ambassador which includes marketing, photography, social media expertise, and more.

Raging Scholar

Raging Scholar is a college-wear apparel company that offered me the opportunity of being a brand ambassador. I have a specific link and code allowing me to earn commission based on how many people visit their site through my channels along with a commission based on purchased items with my code.


I became a contributor to Madera because of their cause. Because it takes 2 trees to hang a hammock, Madera plants 2 trees for each hammock sold. Through our partnering with Trees for the Future, as of May 2018 we have planted over 10,255 trees and counting. Together, we are improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. Since 1989, with our partner's (trees.org) experience in planting over 115 million trees all over the world, we have demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping people break out of the poverty trap while also addressing the global environment. Madera Hammock Co. projects include support to Sub-Saharan Africa, where entire forests have been cut down leaving the population subject to the effects of flooding, resulting in much of the remaining farmland washing away. Many of our talented sewers and fabric designers reign from generations of artisans and are proud to keep their traditions alive.

Shoe Sensation

Sales Associate at Shoe Sensation, Findlay Ohio. Started January 21st, 2017.

At Shoe Sensation in Findlay, Ohio I was one of the lead sales associates. I would often lead in total shoes sold and money generated. My stay working here was not long, but I gained much needed sales experience along with customer skills. Although I encountered customers before, I never had to be immersed in a busy store for eight hours at a time before. I became very comfortable in communicating with customers which led me to be one of the top salesmen.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Proud to be a member of the team at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids under the role as a Mentor in the Pediatrics and the Spinal Units. It is crazy to think how I found myself in a very hard part of my life where I suffered a broken spine and was a patient in this very same hospital. It is surreal to walk the same halls without any assistance. I am very happy for the opportunity to be giving back to people who now find themselves in the same position I was in.

Women's Education and Contraceptives (WEC)

Women's Education and Contraceptives (WEC) (pronounced We-See) was a proposed NGO organized by myself and some other Michigan State students in a developing nations politics class. WEC focused on providing education on sexual assault, safe sex practices, and contraception use in Southern Nigeria and especially Lagos. The short term goals include Provide accessible birth control to as many women as possible, empower women to make their own decisions and become independent by educating them about domestic violence, STI prevention, pregnancy prevention, thereby increasing quality of life for Nigerians while long term goals include controlling population growth and helping create norms around gender equality.Our proposed programming includes working with community leaders and schools to adopt a sexual education program for pubescent teens and sexually active women in order to educate them on the risks of unprotected sexual contact and how to protect and prevent STD/ STI transmission during intercourse; Educating women on the signs of domestic abuse and how to safely leave the situation without risking escalation and further violence; providing self-defense classes to women in order to help prevent sexual assaults; and transportation to OB-GYNs. We can expect for the integration of these practices to be a timely endeavor, particularly in the northern areas of the nation of Nigeria where tensions are high and infrastructure low. Only through winning the hearts and minds of the Nigerian people can our NGO be successful; thus, a large amount of the starting funds shall be directed at public outreach and education on the various women's’ health issues, particularly that of STI’s. The root causes of many of these issues shall be tackled such as providing sexual assault courses to aid in the prevention and reduction of domestic violence which shall thereby reduce rates of rape and shift public opinion especially in Lagos. In the first three years it is believed that our NGO’s mass information campaign coupled with the increase in availability to contraceptives shall begin the process of gradually reducing STI rates of infection and prevalence within multiple states. Our NGO shall aim to spread its influence and operations capabilities by securing a foothold within the more developed southern portion of the nation. Additionally, starting our efforts in the southern portion of the nation shall ensure close cooperation with the Nigerian Government in regards to achieving our goals.
We competed against other groups from Michigan State. We all presented our proposed-NGO's with the hope to receive pledges that would take the form of possible funding. The top-2 money getters were considered the winners and the most likely NGO's to succeed. After all the presentation we came in second place with $198,564.65 pledged

I designed the WEC webpage using Piktochart. The webpage shows our goals, programming, background information, and our expected outcome. I learned how to use Piktochart in order to make this page and now am confident in my ability to use this resource in the future. We were told our Piktochart webpage brochure was one of the reasons our group received so much funding.

Skilled Photographer

Skilled Photographer

Very Well Published Writer

I have been writing for a number of different websites since January, 2017. I have a professional writing profile that is also an Adobe Spark. Click this link to access my professional writing profile. Most of my published writings have to focus on college basketball. I have tried to further my writing career, but for now I have been sticking with what is comfortable and what interests me, college basketball.

Blarney Stone

I started writing for the Blarney Stone in February of 2017. I write mainly about College basketball and articles tend to be shared with College Hoops Daily. Allowing myself to write for Blarney Stone creates a bigger Midwest audience for my articles. Below is a link to their homepage along with a link to a sample writing. To see all of my articles, please visit my online writing portfolio. This can be found below the the following two headings.

College Sports Madness

Writer for College Sports Madness. Articles mainly focus on Big Ten Men's Basketball. My articles focus on Men's Big Ten Basketball and I was part of a weekly series that breaks down their weekly schedules. Below are button for College Sports Madness' website, my College Sports Madness Writer Profile, and one sample article. To see an entire collection of my works check out my online writing profile linked below.

There are many more articles for College Sports Madness. Please feel free to redirect to my Online Writing Portfolio to view all of my published articles.

College Hoops Daily

I write for College Hoops Daily.com, a sports website where we focus on college basketball. My article, "Is It Time to Take the Spartans Seriously?" was featured as the top published article on the website in January, 2017. My second article, "A Tale of Two Years", was a large research piece that was briefly featured as the most popular article on the site and sat as top article for over five days. Please check out the website to view more articles and read my article by clicking the buttons below.

There are many more articles for College Hoops Daily. Please feel free to redirect to my Online Writing Portfolio to view all of my published articles.

231 Apparel

Entrepreneur- Started clothing line 231 Apparel with childhood friend. Responsible for day to day tasks and took role of CEO and Co-Owner. Met with manufactures, responsible for the sold-out inaugural shipment. Managed finances and social media. Proven sales experience, negotiator, and responsible leader. Designed the inaugural clothing line.


Memorial Day Service at the Capitol- While interning for Senator Colbeck I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at the largest Memorial Day service put on by the Michigan government. I was in charge of registration and greeted and registered over 140 US Military Gold Star families along with over 200 other distinguished military and government personnel. This took over two weeks of planning and organizing and the was filled with responsibility.
Usher for Michigan State Football- As a member of the Crew team at MSU, I was given the opportunity to volunteer as an usher for the home football games. This volunteer work consists of guiding people to their seats, filling the student sections, making sure that specific areas maintain their restricted status, and staying vigilant for spectators breaking the law.
Field Management for Hancock Park- Helped set up youth soccer fields for Hancock County Park District.
Contributor for Children's Mentoring Connection- Donating money to help the Children's Mentoring Connection of Findlay Ohio. CMC provides a professionally monitored mentoring program for boys and girls, primarily from single parent families.
Camp Councilor for MHS Summer Basketball Camp- Volunteered helping out at a youth basketball camp for the Manistee High School Basketball Program.
Youth Referee for MRA- Refereed youth soccer games for Manistee Recreation Association.
Food Packer for Manistee Community Kitchen- While in high school I spent time packing food boxes for needy families in the area. We provided these families with fresh produce and essentials they otherwise might not be able to get.
Crew for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure- Helped take down decorations, tents, and cleaned up the area for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Findlay, Ohio.
Study Tables Tutor- Volunteered at University of Findlay International Conversation Tables in March, 2017. Spent time helping Japanese international students learn how to greet Americans, how to hold good conversations, and spent time sharing life stories.
Box Boy for Northview Elementary- Helped unload boxes for Northview Elementary's fundraising program. (December 6th, 2016). This was offered to me while being a collegiate soccer player at the University of Findlay.


Skills in the following areas: sales, writing, social media marketing, social media, concrete, graphic design, statistics, photography, sports writer, GIMP, communication, athletics, Microsoft, Windows/Mac, Google applications, leadership, teamwork, GarageBand, iMovie, video production, video editing, music production, composing music, promoting music and distributing music.


  • 3839 Hunsaker Dr. Apt 0724A, East Lansing, MI 48823
  • 231-220-6325
  • bonzhei6@msu.edu (school email)
  • 16bonzac@gmail.com (personal email)
  • LinkedIn Account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zacherybonzheim
  • Previous Online Writing Portfolio: zacherybonzheim.pressfolios.com
  • Professional Political Portfolio: https://www.clippings.me/zacbonzheim
  • Current Online Writing Portfolio: https://spark.adobe.com/page/cikTmayf9P5y7/

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