The Affects of Jim Crow By, Jake BURGESS

How did Jim Crow affect politicus

Staes made laws that segregated blacks from whites.

-Blacks were allowed to sit in the front of buses until a white person came then they were forced to sit in the back.

-Colored people had to use different water fountains and go in the back doors of places, and weren't allowed to use the same things as whites did

Lynchings were a common things that happened during this time.

-This is when a group of white men would hang or kill a black person with no punishment.

-This mostly happened if a black person was convicted of a crime and the people involved with case sometimes would lynch the person instead of them haveing a trial.

Plessy vs FuRgurson

-An example of a political case of white verse black is the case of Plessy vs Furgurson. Plessy was on a train ride from New Orleans to Covington, he got in a train car that was saved for whites only. Plessy refused to move when the conductor told him to move.The conductor arested him and he went to court against the judge John Furgurson, on his case against separate but equal on trains.Plessy lost the case but helped the Martin Luther King junior movement for equality.

How were economics effected

Blacks were technically allowed to vote but the government put out a clause called the Gradfather Clause.

-Gradfather clause says that your gardfather would of had to vote so you can vote.

-Since blacks were previously not allowed to vote the new blacks could not vote since your grandfathers didn't vote neither could you. Evidence

Sharecroppers were people that hired black men and played them very little money.

-Thesse men were often former slaves that were hired by there former owners.

-Former slave owners use to have slaves but they would just pay them little money

Even though blacks were no longer slaves it was even harder got them to get jobs.

-White business owners would not have black workers in there shop of there business.

-They would have different signs saying help wanted but then it would say whites only.

-The cause of this is black people were often put back on a farm to work for very little money.

Were blacks accepted or frowned upon in society

Jim Crow was black character portrayed in plays.

-Thesse characters were usually white males wearing black face paint and acting like fouls trying to show that black people were fools.

-This gave black people a negative image in the eyes of the public.

-Kids started to believe that this was how blacks acted since this was the only way they saw blacks.

-In cartoons blacks were portrayed as stupid or not smart or uneducated.

-Many kids toys of black people they were doing weird things or they were acting immature or dumb.

-Blacks were never played by blacks in movies or cartoons they were always white.

-Blacks became very popular in cartoons and plays because it provided people laughter at another persons with the affect on them. Evidence

The way kids saw blacks in cartoons and shows wasn't like how they actually acted.

-Kids started thickly lessly of blacks and thinking they were fools or idiots beacuse of what they saw.

-Kids started to treat blacks with less respect than before.

-They didn't have good role models to look up to since there parents did not treat blacks with respect.

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