3 cities, 2 countries, 1 region INNOVATION FRONTERA LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2016

By: Alba Nidia Batista

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Mahatma Gandhi

What if our region were so fertile that any seed that fell on the ground grew? What if we could connect some of the most influential minds on both sides of the border, and put them to work to make our region better? Is this possible?

Well, this is what we are doing at Innovation Frontera (IF).

Creating a fertile ecosystem where new businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, where all people have access to an education and have good quality of life, a place where talent grows and stays. Step by step we are making this possible.

And how are we doing this? What is Innovation Frontera (IF)?

IF is a collaborative bi-national, tri-state coalition whose mission is to create prosperity without borders.

IF's core values are captured in an explicit Social Contract embraced by participants:

On October 25, 2016, IF celebrated its third Leadership Summit, hosted at the MCA Cardwell Collaborative in El Paso TX and in Technology HUB in Ciudad Juarez. Key leaders from public and private institutions, including academia and government, entrepreneurs, business men and women, worked together to create real action plans to empower the El Paso, Ciudad Juarez and Las Cruces region.

The summit’s purpose is to build a unique integrated bi-national Innovation Ecosystem using the Rainforest Strategies tools and guidance.

Developing Innovation Culture, Leadership, and Strategy

Some of the ideas and themes discussed were:

Industry clusters, quality of life, role models, mobility and infrastructure, education and bi-national collaboration.

And the results of this year’s summit?

Innovation Frontera Bi-national Leadership Summit 2016 achieved its goal to MOBILIZE AND ORGANIZE FOR ACTION!

Action teams formed and are currently working on four key goals:

  • 1. Mission and purpose of the coalition
  • 2. Communication, messaging, content & building
  • 3. Attracting & retaining talent
  • 4. Identifying & engaging role models.

IF you want to become an agent of change, join us!

Created By
Alba Nidia Batista


Photos by: Technology HUB Staff. Cover Picture: Department of the Treasury U.S. Customs Service. A special thankyou to Cathy Swain from Rainforest Strategies LLP.

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