A soul that feels alone is often overwhelmed. A church left alone to fight generations of social & economic inequality in its community is also overwhelmed. The soul needs a deeper connection. It needs a community!


Orchard: Community is a way to own your impact through a deeper connection and a monthly donation. The donations you make have real, tangible outcomes attached to them - outcomes that you own!

A Deeper Connection

As a Community member, you'll get to enjoy more than a relationship with an organization. You'll get to connect with real people benefitting from your support. People like little Resegofetse who lives in a rural village in South Africa:

When you sign up to join Orchard: Community, you get to choose which of our four Programs you'd most like to get monthly updates on: Ministry, Education, Food & Agriculture, or Care. (But don't worry, you'll always have access to view each of the other program's updates too!)


Our Commitment to You

Orchard: Community members like yourself are critical to the missions of restoring social & economic equality, so we commit to ensuring you are kept up to date on the success stories attributed to your support. To do this, each month you will receive a different kind of update - one month may be a photo collage, another month a detailed written story, and another month a video. No matter what kind of update it is, you will always get to see the impact you are making. It is our priority to ensure you know the impact you own!

Top left: a written story of the personal journey of Kealeboga. Bottom left: a video update on the Food & Agriculture program. Right: a photo collage update on the Education program.


The overwhelming needs of this world can paralyze some people into inaction and silence. Yet God has called us to run, as a community, toward these problems. God has called us to disturb the silence surrounding these issues, to discover the why behind problems and to pursue solutions.

That's why we've chosen the theme #DisturbTheSilence for the coming years. By joining Orchard: Community, you are also joining a growing movement dedicated to solving the root causes of social & economic injustice.

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