Is Canada The Best Country In The World to Live In? Bilal Sheikh

Can the Canadian Government help in Solving the World's population crisis?

I think they can solve this problem because the Canadian Government can send people to the overpopulated countries and ask families to have two children per family. The Canadian Government can also send people from over populated countries to immigrate to a country that has good environment, good living conditions and less populated. This will make both over populated and less populated countries stable.

What makes Canada’s Physical environment so awesome?

Its awesome because it is vase and diverse. The variety of ecosystems that we have in Canada, influences a person’s health and their overall well being. The vegetation, soil type, rocks that has been discovered and plants that grow vary depending what area you’re in. For example in the Grasslands such as Alberta and Manitoba, has poor growing soil due to its lack of humus. Compared to Deciduous forest has lots of humus and less acidic soil which contributes to great growing soil.

Does Canada properly manage their Natural Resources to make them sustainable for the future?

In my opinion, Canada does not properly manage their Natural Resources to make them sustainable for the future. Canada has a lots of Natural Resources but the Canadian government is mainly depended on oil. They think, that's were they're going to make a lots of money and they think that it is good for the economy. We are extracting too much oil and not leaving it as a sustainable source for the future. Not only that, the extraction is causing major pollution in the environment.

How can we make our cities "Future Ready"?

A future city is a place that is stable for our future generations to live. Our cities can be future ready by building green house. Since Canada cannot grow crops in winter, greenhouses are a great idea to still grow crop in a cold season. We can also use a different energy source like bio-fuel, which makes it better for the environment.


All in all is Canada actually the best country to live in? Yes Canada is the best country to live in because Canada has the best living conditions and the best environment. Canada has the best Land forms, vegetation and climate for growing vegetables and fruits. Canada has the best education system that most of the countries in the world don't have.


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