Are you going to travel soon? Or is it your first time? If it is go to London it has many wonderful places you can go to.

a night at London

What should I do?

If you don’t know what to in London just use safari and just search “the top 10 places in London you should visit”! And there will be a few sites you can click so just pick some and note down the places you think you want to go! so even if you and your family has never been to London not even sightseeing for a second I am positive you have heard of the big ben because it is really famous.and there is a ferris wheel called the London eye even though it is slow you can almost see all of London! And also before you go on to the

London eye there is a show that is a 4d experience that is pretty fun and it is kind of short and there is a bubble part and it is real so you have to be careful because they pop and the liquid goes on the floor!

London eye

So much people!

If you see a lot of people it is because London is a very clean,big,and famous place a lot of people go to and i have a tip to get the visa [really easy] here is my tip:get there before they open and go on a weekday because most grown - ups need to work while kids go to school and go in the morning and you can just explain why you were late for work or school.

a crowd in front of big ben

Oh no!

If you go to a famous place in London I know you will have to wait in a very long line I’m sure about that! So if you are going to a place that a lot of people go to you will have to go the correct time and when I say correct time I mean to go when not too much people are at the destination and also everywhere there will be people.[almost everywhere]

why people go to London

Most famous places

Have you heard of the big ben? If you have you will know it is a big clock and also the London eye is a famous place to it is a slow ferris wheel but you can see BIG view and also after you finish the ride there will be a shop you can go to! Once I went there and I got a notebook that says I love London there are many things in there. Now moving on! You probably know the palace you can just the subway to get there. But you will be lucky if you go on her birthday at the right time you will see something cool! Luckily once I saw it because my parents took me there. and have you ever heard Harry Potter land? it is also fun you can get butter beer but don't worry you will not get drunk even kids can drink it I tried it before and it was amazing

Dobby in Harry Potter Land


I hope that made you want to visit London. It is a great place to go there are many things to do, it is one of my favourite places to go. I think it is a wonderful place!



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