Layana's guilded reading La13 ms young orange

Animals feel emotions

This is the book that tells me that animals actually can feel love

Animals feel emotions

  • Is it possible for animals to feel love
  • Human beans need to know that just because animals can not speak like humans does not mean that animals can not feel love.
  • Also that animals show that they aren't just behaving on instinct

Stratige questions

  • All though the book tells me that animals do and can feel love I do not suppose that us humans will know that the are makeing contact.
  • How would humans react to them finding out that animals are showing us love.
  • What would humans react like in the same situation
  • How would people know that animals are feeling love.
  • And you predict
  • And respond
  • Bond in with the story
  • Ask questions
  • Get how the book works.
  • Sound out

Personal responses

  • I can believe that animals can and do feel love
  • How would you know if animals are feeling love
  • What common sense would you use to know that animals are feeling love

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