VACCINES SAVE LIVES Got polio? got measles? thank vaccines

Everyone should take responsibility and vaccinate their children. Vaccines save lives. Got polio? Got measles? Thank vaccines, because of vaccines these old world diseases no longer exist like they used to. What happens when people stop vaccinating their kids? We get an outbreak of measles. If you love your children then vaccinate, because not doing so should be considered child abuse because you are unnecessarily putting your child and others children at risk for serious illness that would have otherwise been avoided. Be responsible, vaccinate your children. This is meant to reach those who do not vaccinate and hopefully make them want to vaccinate their children. Vaccine side effects are rare and when they do happen they are usually very mild. Vaccines also do not cause autism, it has been scientifically proven there is no association between vaccines and autism. If you love your child, vaccinate because it is your child and others you hurt by not vaccinating.


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