MYSC AWARDS NIGHT for fall 2017-2018 season

Congratulations to all of our MYSC teams that placed either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their divisions for the Fall 2017-2018 season. These teams were honored at our club's annual awards night on 1/31/2018.


1st Place/Boys U11 Division 1: Rhinos--coached by Josh Benedict & Ryan Odegaard
1st Place/Girls U11 Division 1: Tigers--coached by Scott Estes
1st Place/Boys U12 Division 4: Shield FC--coached by Jason Giffin
1st Place/Boys U16 Division 1: Warriors--coached by Eric Christensen
1st Place/Girls U19 Division 1: Strikers--coached by Lacey Wheatley (pictured with U14 Girls' captains)

Thanks to Coach Lacey Wheatley for her many years of coaching with MYSC. Most of her team consists of seniors that are graduating in June, so her team has "aged out" and is not eligible to play with MYSC any longer. We truly appreciate all of Coach Lacey's time and effort spent coaching the Strikers! Congratulations!


2nd Place/Girls U11 Division 2: Emerald Dragons coached by Jonathan Barsness & Brad Hurst
2nd Place/Boys U13 Divison 1: Raptors FC coached by Aaron Winsor, Shaun Kjolso & Kevin Bradshaw
2nd Place/Girls U14 Division 1: Waves coached by Jeff Grove & Monica Dyer


3rd Place/Boys U13 Division 3: Green Lightning FC coached by Jason Grindon
3rd Place/Girls U13 Division 2: Legion of Boom coached by Julie Plitnik
3rd Place/Girls U13 Division 3: Warriors coached by Allen Johnson & Allen Gipson
3rd Place/Boys U14 Division 3: Falcons FC coached by Clint Buetow

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE--3rd Place/Boys U15 Division 1: Lightning coached by Craig Stevens & Rob Tallmadge

3rd Place/Girls U15 Division 1: Rage coached by Paul Lawson & Steven Bullock

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE--3rd Place/Girls U16 Division 1: Tigers coached by Erin Wilson & Sandi Young

3rd Place/Boys U17 Division 1: Vipers coached by Greg McVey & John Strohm
A big thank you to Coach Jeff Grove and his players for emceeing the event. We are proud of you for doing an outstanding job presenting the awards and fun raffles!
Congratulations to all of our teams! Thanks for another successful soccer season. We appreciate all of our coaches, team volunteers and MYSC families!
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