Find your purpose Aundraya Kail

What do I believe my purpose is?

I base my life around my family. Without them my life purpose would be a blank void in my life. So what is it? My purpose of life is to dream big and follow my dreams.

Find your purpose in five steps?

Is it possible to find your own purpose in five steps? I asked members of my family if they believe that it is possible. Their answers are basic.

What are the steps?

Stop. Think. What do you enjoy doing? Who are you doing it for? How is it helping you? What kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? How are they helping you?

Your opinion?

So did it work? What is your purpose of life? Whether you believe it's possible or not finding your purpose of life can be hard. But it's fairly simple if you think about it. What are the personalities of the people you surround yourself with? Are they helping you at all? I hope that this has helped you find your purpose.

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