Political Cartoons:It's No Joke Wbesite by Keaton Hazell and ryan rEinhart

Political Cartoons have made a major impact on today's society. Cartoons spread information, opinions, and views on certain topics. Each cartoon and artist has their own purpose and viewpoints, so many cartoons may contradict others.

Cartoonists are also struggling to make an impact on the lives of the public. Their attempts at making a positive impact however, mostly go unnoticed. Although cartoons are an informal format for relaying information, they still get their job done.

Aknoledgements- Ms. Reese, Sparkpage, Cartoons For Thinking


Created with images by Boston Public Library - "The new country dance, as dance at C****. July the 30th, 1766" • Brad & Ying - "Best Political Cartoon Ever" • ChuckleBuzz.com - "Political Cartoon about Budget Cuts" • voinonen - "cartoon_museum_2_450px" • Tobyotter - "Old Political Cartoon"

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