Montgomery Bus Boycott Abby Spanier

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white male in Montgomery, Alabama. 4 days later the boycott began.

The boycott was expected to gain equality for black people riding the bus and using city transportation.

Rosa Parks was involved and she impacted the event by being the reason it began. Martin Luther King Jr was apart of it because he was the one who got it started and spread the word.
The boycott affected the people because they had to start walking a long time to get to work because they weren’t taking the bus, and they had to deal with the white people who would make fun of them, Eventually the bus company was losing money so they had to let the blacks ride otherwise there would be no bus transportation at all.

This event impacts today because now anyone can ride the bus and it doesn’t matter your race.

However, we still see boycotts happening in transportation today with uber.

Uber refused to stop giving rides to immigrants at the JFK airport during the "immigration protest"

People thought uber was taking advantage of the situation and started the hashtag #deleteuber , and that began the boycott.


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