The Wise Shopper By Tiffany Daly

Photo and Description including Features:

The Hisense 610L side by side fridge is sleek and stylish for all of your everyday food to fit into with plenty of extra space. The fridge is 1766 × 914 mm with a stainless steel finish with a total capacity of 610L. It includes a twist ice maker and water dispenser. Also a super freeze function and not ice build up technology. There is also a specific draw with different humidity settings for fruit and vegetables and, you are able to control the temperature with the multi-function control panel.

Key Factors Affecting My Choice:

When I decided to buy the Hisense Fridge there are a number of different factors I consider before buying it. One of these factors that I considered was the energy efficiency which is a key element when deciding the final result. I also looked at different competitive products and concluded that this was the one that suited me. I found that this fridge is used on television in cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules and took that into consideration. I also found that this fridge was on sale so I am getting more value for less money. When choosing this product I also looked at multiple reviews to see if there are any design faults and how it works.

Source and Location:

I plan to buy my Hisense 610L Side by Side Fridge from The Good Guys. I came to this conclusion from looking up competitive prices and finding that the Good Guys had the cheapest price which was on sale. The original price it was $1099 now reduced to $1078.

Alternative Payments for Good.

When buying this fridge there are two ways of payment. One ways is to pay via a credit card. The advantages of using a credit card for this payment is that it is quick and easy and, It is easy to use if you are paying over the phone or via the internet. However, the disadvantages of the method is that you will get a high interest rate, and it is technically not your money so you will have to pay it back later. The other payment is lay-by. The advantages of this payment is that if you don't have enough money you can easily pay for it later. It will stay the same price so if a sale finishes you will still get the discounted price. It is easy to pay over the phone or on the internet. The disadvantage however, is that if you don't collect this good within the holding time then it will go back on the shelf and you will have to pay the original price. In conclusion I think that I will pay via credit card. I will use the method of payment because it is fast and easy and you can pay for it over the phone or via the internet in a safe way.

Flowchart of Consumer Redress:

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