Judaism By emma kaatz and alex timotijevic

Origin- Judaism originated in a region called the Canaan which is located in Palestine and Israel. The main prophet Abraham because he is traditionally considered to be the first Jew to have made a covenant with God. This religion came about in around 2000 b.c. Judaism is known as one of the first religions and it's related to other religions such as Christianity and Islam because they are both Monotheistic and practice their own customs, languages, and cuisine.

Torah and the Synagogue

Major beliefs- Jews believe in one God and his prophet with special respect for Moses which is who they believe God gave the law to. They believe that behavior is a main concern and these beliefs control relationships, diets, and traditions. Their holy book is the Torah and they go by the old and the new testimate, there are 613 commandments given by the God that Jews practice daily. The place of worship is a Synagogue and the leader is a Rabi, there are about 14,000,000 followers.

Various sects of the religion- Today the main division is between Orthodox (Jewish law is unchanging and mandatory), Reform (laws that are guidelines that people can choose to follow or not), and Conservative Lines (God's laws change over time). Other branches of Judaism are Re-constructionist, and Secular Humanist.

Jewish Flag

Key holidays/celebrations- Hanukkah- Festival of lights- Start: Saturday, December 24 End: Sunday January 1

Yon Kippur- Day of Antonement- Start: Friday September 29 End Saturday, September 30

Rosh Chodesh- The New Month

Rosh Hashanah- The Jewish New Year- Start: Wednsday September 20 End: Friday September 22

Tzom Gedalia- Fast of Gedalia

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