Nagra Newsletter NOVEMBER 2019

Nagra HD Tour 2019

First event, CommonWave in Los Angeles, California.

Nagra HD with DeVore fidelity.


Nagra HD at Goodwin’s High End, Boston.

Goodwins HighEnd, Boston, USA.

Wonderful listening room at Goodwin's High End !

Don't miss the Nagra HD Tour event at Goodwin’s. Saturday, November 2nd. 2019.


Contact Alan and Malcom to get a demo of the NAGRA HD system with Magico, Rockport, Devore...

Nagra HD tour event coming to your town! Here are the dates:

  • David Michael audio, Detroit, October 5th, 2019
  • Tone of Music, San Francisco, October 19th, 2019
  • Goodwin’s High-End, Boston, November 2nd, 2019
  • Filtronique, Montréal, November 9th, 2019
  • Musical Artisans, Chicago, December 6th and 7th, 2019
  • EarsNova, New York, March 14th, 2020
  • Stay tuned for dates to be annonced for Element Acoustic, Vancouver, AudioSalon, Miami, Arizona HiFi and Ne Plus Ultra, Texas.

Swiss manufacturer Nagra has 4 new Roon Tested devices! Enjoy automatic configuration and best-in-class experience with the Nagra Classic DAC, HD DAC X, HD DAC, and Tube DAC.

Show time !

CommonWave presentation !

Münich HighEnd 2019

Münich HighEnd 2019

Nagra HD system with 4x HD AMP!
Best of Show Nagra & YG Acoustics, There was a powerful presence at the show: a full Nagra HD setup and YG Acoustics loudspeakers. This system was certainly in my Top 3 at High End Munich 2019. (Audio Bacon)
Along with plenty of pipe organ tracks – Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor was probably the meatiest I’ve heard at a show. String and percussive sections were not just weighted and palpable – there were textures that molded the sound. A very nice balance of richness and detail. Every recording sounded so physically present – and genuine. (Audio Bacon)

Nagra HD DAC X (dual chassis), Nagra HD Preamp (dual chassis), Nagra HD Amplifiers (x4), Nagra IV-S reel-to-reel tape deck, YG Sonja XV Jr. loudspeakers ($190,000), YG InVincible dual-21-inch subwoofer tower, SME 30/12 turntable, SME V tonearm, and EMT cartridge, Analysis Plus cables, Modulum racks.


Nagra BEST SOUND Munich 2019 !

NAGRA is a giant of electronics, both for professional and consumer markets. For several years, they have been developing their top HD system, with its latest addition being the HD DAC X, about which - as the first magazine - we wrote last year in our factory tour. René Laflamme, company's representative in the USA and Canada, took care of our sticker. The sound of a system based on 2xHD tapes, Nagra electronics and amazing YG Acoustics speakers was outstanding! (High Fidelity)


Gold show Award Munich HighEnd 2019

The suite of Nagra electronics paired with YG Acoustics Sonja XV Jr., four tower system and the big YG sub woofer, InVincible™, delivered a delicate and detailed presentation on the Chasing the Dragon’s “Agnus Dei” CD. The believable organ and vocal were rich with imaging, tonality, tonal quality and a natural transient attack. The soprano was in the room with us as was the organ! (AvShowRoom)
Nagra IV-S / QGB

Best Design Awards of Munich show by Enjoy the Music !

Discuss with audio and music key figures

Paulina from Hemolia Records presented us the personal archives of Luciano Pavarotti. It was a unique listening experience because Pavarotti was with once again !

Pavarotti Tape !

Chab, Mastering Sound Engineer for Daft Punk's last album, among many other pop artists (Justin Timberlake, Tony Allen, AIR, etc) compared LPs and high resolution files before and after mastering.

Marco Cignogna is a well-known personality in the Italian hifi world. He is a classical recording reviewer. We were thrilled to learn and listen to his references. Grazie mille Marco Cicogna for your amazing presentations !!

The talented sound engineer Philipe Teissier Du Cros from Paris. His work has been recognized with many awards, such as the best recording engineer at Victoire de la Musique in 2018 as well as a BBC award in the past.

Jared Sacks, the owner and sound engineer of the well-known Channel Classics label and the website Native DSD. Jared shared with us his work in the world of classic recordings.

Mme Marguerite Kudelski was there to talk about a 1953 recording of her father Stefan Kudelski, the founder of Nagra !

Matthieu Latour and Dirk Sommer presented recordings made at the Montreux Jazz Festival !

Giulio Cesare Ricci Fonè. In the world of classical and jazz music recording, Fonè has been using advanced techniques for over thirty years to re-create the atmosphere of the original performance.

Fritz de With from STS Records in the Netherlands. He shared with a few of his secrets with us for making of the best recordings in LP, CD and analog tape format.

Professor Edgar Choueiri and the BACCH-SP processor impressive 3D sound with only two speakers !

Maria Kazantseva from Zavalinka Records talked about the Zavalinka tapes releases from their catalog.

Matthias Boede, editor of Stereo Magazine, compared high resolution PCM and DSD 4x files directly taken from analog tapes.

Sig. Marco Benedetti senior chief editor of Audio Review magazine from Italy. He demonstrated the process of fine-tuning cartridges the loading of Phono cartridge.

René Laflamme presented new releases on tape and vinyl from 2xHD using Nagra analog recorders. He played master tape copies of Shirley Horn, Bill Evans and his own analog recording using IV-S and Nagra T on the analog collection Vol.1 album.

Capitol Records, Los Angeles, California.


Steve Hoffman is one of the most highly-regarded mastering engineers in the realm of jazz, country and folk. He has worked on recording by Frank Sinatra (Capitol Records), Buddy Holly, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, The Doors, some of the best vinyl out there. Steve is in love with the Nagra TUBE DAC.

Customer comments about the Nagra TUBE DAC and ClassicPSU on whatsbestforum :


After a long burn in period i finally could give the new Dac a serious listening. And wow, it was not a small improvement over the already good HD DAC. Everything got better. Microdetails not heard before pop up. Things buried in the mix now could be heard clearly. The soundstage expanded in every direction. Midbass got cleaned up and you could more easily hear the bass player in rock music. Dynamics improved and were better preserved when you played music very low. You got more body on the individual tones. High tones like cymbals were so clear and present. I could go on but the content is I got a more musical DAC than the already good HD DAC. So a very good investment in musicality. Being a retired man I found myself listening to good music even more.
Congrats ULF. I bought the Classic PSU to replace my Nagra MPS. This PSU alone make a big difference on my Nagra VPS phono stage...

Beautiful Nagra HD / Wilson audio room at MySound store in Munich!

My Sound HD showroom, Germany

Element Acoustics, Vancouver

Element Acoustics, Vancouver

Enjoy the Music review of the Classic Preamp

It was a pleasure using the Classic Preamp. Not only did it improve the sound of my system immeasurably, it was a pleasure to operate, and matched my system perfectly.


Small is beautiful ! Modulum racks made for Nagra Classic Line

Wonderful work and sound on a 1972 Nagra IV-S refurbished by M. Herbert Bartels at the Nagra factory in Switzerland. Refurbished Nagra IV-S machines are available at your Nagra store.

Refurbished Nagra IV-S at the Nagra factory in Switzerland
Refurbished Nagra IV-S


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