TILES Class Harvard Ceramics Program sping 2017

10 talented artists met in the Tiles Class at the Harvard Ceramics Program this Spring, and this is how they started - with red empty shelves

and in few short weeks shelves were filled


simple patterns make strong tile design

prep work

making low cottle boards - frames for the molds and sheet rock boards for storing and drying the tiles

slab - tile foundation

for even rectangle slab like this cut 25 lb bag of stoneware in half and form 2" thick slabs same width you want your slab to be, adjust the thickness setting on the slab roller to about 5/8" and run the slab thru

making the tiles

stamping technique and 2 layer slab technique - first tracing the design with water based marker onto the tracing paper then transferring design to the top slab and finally cutting off the design with the X-Acto knife

...and we are moving to the Plaster Room

that was fun, 4 students + instructor working simultaneously in this small space :-)
students learned how to make plaster molds to easily multiple prototype tile

some instructions to go

molds are ready

different tiles, different molds

different techniques - some more sculpting

inspired by architectural patterns

more techniques, fun with funfoam

tiles made from paper (weight) concrete

How to make strong but light weight concrete tile? Mix 3 parts Paper Pulp (Cellulose Pulp) + 2 parts Portland Cement + 1 part Perlite

best tiles are made from chocolate anyway

mold frame made from the poster board glued with glue gun
food save silicon (Smooth-On SORTA-Clear #18), mix it well 1:10
flexible clear silicon mold
upper left - original terra cotta, upper right - dark chocolate, lower left - white chocolate, lower right - milk chocolate

back to clay, it's a time to fire!

small tiles in bisque kiln, don't forget grog
large tiles like to be fired on the edge


left - spraying with the underglaze, sponging off the top layer and sponging on some colors, or brushing on the underglazes on the left

ready to be hung

Hey class, send me more pictures of your finished tiles!!!

that was fun!

for more instructions on the 2 layer low relief technique watch my video




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