Visual Arts Holy Trinity

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at Holy Trinity provides students with the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills to engage in, create and respond to visual art in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Students experience and examine a diversity of art in both content and media, which sets the stage for self-discovery of personal identity as Artists.

Vision: Young minds taught to think as artists and critical thinkers, are inspired, confident, capable citizens who will be creators and agents of change in our world.

Course Progression:

  • Art 10 3 credit - No prerequisite
  • Art 10 5 credit - No prerequisite
  • Art 20 5 credit- 50% average in either Art 10 3 credit or 5 credit
  • Art 20 IB 5 credit- 75% average in Art 10 3 credit or 5 credit & recommendation of Art teacher
  • Art 30 5 credit- 50% average in Art 20 5 credit
  • Art 30 5 credit- 75% average in Art 20 IB 5 credit & continued commitment to the I.B program
  • Art 35 5 credit-75% average in Art 20 5 credit. Offered to those who either have completed or are currently enrolled in Art 30.

*Required 65% or higher to progress

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."

-Albert Einstein

Art 10

Art 10 is an introductory program to visual art that promotes exploration in traditional and alternative media. The courses include systematic instruction in how one sees, interprets and makes sense of visual stimuli. The following objectives listed below form the foundations of the course.

Students will:

  • Know the Elements & Principles of Art and Design
  • Learn the “Creative Cycle”- ideation, research, experimentation, execution, reflection
  • Learn to formally research, describe, analyze and interpret visual art
  • Document their learning and self -discovery as artists by using the Visual Art Journal to create free entries, sketches, reflect, take notes, complete teacher-led activities, research, art analysis, affix handouts, demonstrate the creative cycle, experiment.
  • Draft Artist Statements
  • Examine composition (Emphasis, Positive/negative space, foreground, middle ground, background depth.)
  • Understand and demonstrate skill in Linear Perspective, line quality, tonal values, color theory, and form

Students will learn technical application in the following media:

  • Drawing: graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, pastel
  • Painting: watercolor, acrylic
  • Sculpture: clay pottery, alternative materials
  • Printmaking: etching in Scratchfoam, monoprints

Art 20

Art 20 is a studio course which emphasizes individuals to think and behave as artists. Over the duration of the course, students will begin to bridge towards increased independence in project development, content and design in order to gain awareness of their own identity and strengths as artists.

Students will:

  • Further develop their usage and knowledge of Elements & Principles of Art/Design
  • Broaden their knowledge of art through investigation of art movements and styles
  • Understand subjective and analytic responses in art
  • Be able to formally analyze Art, and provide simplistic cultural context and interpretation of meaning.
  • Focus on mastering technical skills and exploring realistic and observational renderings
  • Explore personal themes for the purpose of image-making
  • Consistently and appropriately, demonstrate the Creative Cycle and critical thinking in their Visual Art Journal.

Students will learn technical application in the following media:

  • Drawing: graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, conte
  • Painting: watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, alcohol inks
  • Sculpture: clay pottery, alternative materials
  • Printmaking: etching, lino cut

Art 30

Art 30 is an advanced studio course designed for students to develop and refine their identity and style as artists. Students work towards building a series of connected portfolio works in a variety of media and disciplines.

Students will:

  • Investigate self-directed personally relevant art and artists
  • Formally analyse art-comparing one’s own work and that of others,( including contextualization and interpretation.)
  • Master technical skills
  • Have a basic understanding of major 20th century artists
  • Show excellent demonstration of process, and critical thinking in the Visual Art Journal
  • Explore Art’s purpose and power.
  • Explore Art as a reflection of society and one’s own life experiences.
  • Consider curation in art and it’s influence on experience

Students will learn technical application in the following media:

  • Drawing: graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, conte
  • Painting: watercolor, gel transfer, acrylic media, acrylic paint, oil paint, colored inks and dye
  • Sculpture: clay pottery, Plaster, alternative materials
  • Printmaking: lino cut, serigraphy and spray paint

Art 20 & 30 IB

The Art 20/30IB is a combined course with instruction from the Alberta Program of Studies and the International Baccalaureate Programme. It is offered at a Standard Level (SL) and a Higher Level (HL). The core IB syllabus is composed of three parts and is continued over a two-year period (Art 20IB and Art 30IB):

1. Visual Art in context: “the cycle of inquiry”: considering and comparing work from a variety of cultures, historical, social contexts; analyzing, interpreting, comparing, evaluating, using art vocabulary; reflection and understanding

2. Visual Art Methods: Experimenting with techniques, media, processes; developing a body of resolved and unresolved work, self-review and critique; documentation in visual arts journal.

3. Curatorial Practice: This has to do with understanding curatorial processes, what makes an effective exhibition and selecting and presenting the student’s own work

The course is an exciting opportunity & commitment since so much value is placed on the student’s responsibility to engage with their subject material and develop his or her own practice.

The two year course culminates with a final portfolio solo exhibition.

*Students will have access and instruction in all reasonably available media of interest, in addition to those listed as part of their regular Alberta Education Visual Art Program.

Art 35

Portfolio Art 35 is designed for students who are passionate about art and who plan to continue their art studies at a post-secondary art institution. Students will be introduced to professional portfolio making and presentation. They will have the opportunity to prepare a professional portfolio for the purpose of gaining entry into galleries and/or a post-secondary institution. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue advanced techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture .

Holy Trinity Visual Art Exhibition Opportunities

Fine Art Night: Twice a year, in house, students showcase their talents in a dynamic exhibition of Visual Art and Music!

Spring Into Art Gallery: This is a juried show which is organized by Edmonton Catholic Schools. Students are selected by their teachers to apply and are chosen to show off their works!

Celebration of the Arts: Each year, Edmonton Catholic Schools celebrates the many gifts and talents of our students in a year end exhibition of music, dance, and visual art. A select number of high school students are chosen by their teachers to exhibit their portfolio of visual art at the event.

Edmonton Convention Centre PArtnership Exhibition: This is a juried exhibition. Students are selected by their teacher and apply to the exhibition. If chose, students are formally invited to the opening of the exhibition. Student works are framed and exhibited for 1 full year at the Edmonton Convention Centre.


Created with images by russn_fckr - "Many different paint pots" • Anna Kolosyuk - "untitled image" • Timon Klauser - "Bikes lean against wall painting" • gustavo centurion - "untitled image" • Vlad Kutepov - "Graffiti on one of the Glenelg South buildings." • Jean-Philippe Delberghe - "Grafitti at Coney Island" • Jon Tyson - "Storm trooper street art" • Alex Holyoake - "Mural of woman’s neon face" • Debby Hudson - "Artist tools"