The Florida Museum of Natural History By: Kahtia JOhnson

Gorgeous Butterflies

Nature on Display

I was so delighted and excited to visit the beautiful butterfly exhibit. With over 60 varieties of butterflies, it was so aesthetically pleasing. Out of all of the exhibits this one was the most pleasing to me.It definitely didn't take a lot for this exhibit to capture the attention of anyone because a lot of the butterflies like to interact with you. It was so great to learn about the natural world through the eyes of these beautiful insects. Because they were so gorgeous I wasn't even focused on being on my phone or talking to my friends. This was truly a beautiful experience.

Nature and Ethics

I loved going to thi exhibut but I did feel some negative feelings knowing that the butterflies would be used as ecnomic profit. It makes me sad because when we got there they were stressing how we should'nt let them out becasue they dint want to get shut down. At the end of the day they are insects that should be free to the world and not caged. The staff let us connect but they told us to be cautious of touch and to make sure no animal escaped. They did touch on ethics by saying that they were well taken care of and comfortable in their environments.

Nature and the Human Spirit

It helps you step out of your ordinary life because you are literally taken out of focus. At point where I would regularly be on my phone or talking, I was drawn in by the great art of the butterflies. It just helps us understand that nature is totally beautiful and that we should take the time to enjoy and cherish it. Even if it does not help others, I feel as though I appreciate the majesty of the world so much more because of this project.

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