Tombstone, Arizona Caitlyn BIshop & Hannah Mattingly

In 1879 Tombstone, Arizona was founded by Ed Schieffelin. He discovered rich silver deposits, the town grew very quickly. This brought a bunch of miners looking to make a lot of money. However, it also brought

At one time Tombstone had over 15,000 people, but in 1881 there was a big fire that destroyed the main street. The fire was at the Arcade Saloon and it began when a whiskey barrel was ignited by a cigar. They were able to rebuild the town and it continued to grow and many of the buildings still stand today.

The town was considered the "Town Too Tough To Die!" The town had more than 100 saloons, newspapers, churches, schools,theaters, and Arizona community swimming pools, they are still being used today.

The Ghosts of Tombstone Arizona

There are many ghosts that are said to be a part of haunted Tombstone Arizona one of the most famous real haunted places of America. The first area of the city that is considered to be haunted is also the single most popular location in the entire city. This establishment is identified as the OK Corral. This is the location where the famous gunfighter Wyatt Earp participated in the famous gunfight in all of history. He went up against the group that is often referred to as the “Cowboy Faction”. Located on Allen Street, many cowboys lost their lives in this location. Throughout history, many claim that they have seen the apparitions of cowboys in the OK Corral in a gun fighting stance. The next haunted place in the city of Tombstone is the Boothill Graveyard. There are approximately two hundred fifty different tombstones for those that “died with their boots on”. Many different individuals are believed to reside in this region of haunted Arizona after death. Individuals that were part of the famous gunfight in the OK Corral are buried in this cemetery. These individuals include Marshal White, Luke Short, Charlie Storm, and many others. Individuals that visit the graveyard often state that they see and hear the apparitions of these men. One of the men that are buried in this area named Billy Clanton is believed to walk from the graveyard to Tombstone regularly. Many have reported seeing unusual lights. There are others that claim to hear unusual sounds for which no culprit may be identified in this location.


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