16 Going Onto Adulthood My journey of REBELLION

What is this blog about?

Now before you think this is a blog all about me going against my parents, which does happen a lot. This blog is about going against societies norm and still proving them wrong. While the society in North America is different from the others in the world and is among one of the best in my opinion. I just think society on a whole should disappear and people should stop judging others, but of course that wont happen.

What started this?

Well recently I had a fall out with my so-call dad, lets just say he is no longer my father, or anything for the least. Since the early age of eight I wanted to leave my family. I didn't have the easiest upbringing but i still tried to make my parents proud even when they would called me names. Just to inform you that I am Jamaican so my family was pretty brutal to an extent. All it took was one month for me to decide that i didn't want to be their little girl anymore because for them that wasn't good enough and neither was it for me.

After My Dad Called Me Fat I Became A Gym Freak

After my dad looked me in the face and told me that I was fat and ugly I became obsessed with the gym. I was there pretty much everyday the picture above is when I stopped going because I got busy with other things. When he called me that it really did hurt because before all of this I thought my dad would've given me all i wanted. A family, that's really all I really wanted. It was that simple.

I Didn't Feel Accepted.

The first year with our new blended family was hell mostly because of 'the man' but even after he left no one ever warmed up to me, at least i never felt like they did. They supported me don't get me wrong they were great but I guess I had high expectations. I wasn't asked to go out with them or anything I'd only get to go if their mom, my step-mother was going. Because of this I became distant, only depending on myself for company.

My History Of Friends.

To try and get over the fact that I will always be an only child no matter what I tried to fine comfort in having friends. I was never a people person, most times I'd be alone probably because growing up it was only me and i was never allowed to chill with friend or anything. Just school then home. In the tenth grade I would have the friends that would make me never want to socialize again or even think about having friends.

For the first time I thought I had 'the life'

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