Great expectations by: Victor Rubio-Flores

"A great event in my life, the turning-point of my life, now opens on my view. But, before I proceed to narrate it, and before I pass on to all the changes it involved, I must give one chapter to Estella. It is not much to give to the theme that so long filled my heart" writes Dickens (235). In this passage, Pip finally haves an awakening. He clearly states that he finally notices that life just isn't the same anymore.

Dickens writes about how Pip has become distant from Joe, "Ah me! I thought those were high and great emotions. But I never thought there was anything low and small in my keeping away from Joe, because I knew she would be contemptuous of him. It was but a day gone, and Joe had brought the tears into my eyes; they had soon dried, God forgive me! soon dried" (191).

"Miserably I went to bed after all, and miserably thought of Estella, and miserably dreamed that my expectations were all cancelled," writes Dickens (202). Pip is not happy without his beloved Estella. He is not happy without her but miserable with her. Pip feels great sorrow without her and feels like she is his great expectations.

Throughout part two, Pip is trying to fulfill the expectations everyone has placed on him . He has great expectations that must be accomplished by him, and he is pouring out his living soul so he can finally live up to them. Pip has his mind set towards he's certain that Ms. Havisham is his benefactor, and that his expectations are to marry Estella. He grows , develops , and learns more about what he's going to do for the rest of his life. All the while, he is pursuing Estella, and trying his very hardest to get her to let him marry her. What Pip doesn't realizes is that Ms. Havisham wants Pip to love her so she can break his heart, not because she wants Pip to marry Estella. Pip feels farther and farther away from Joe, who had tried to give him a bright future with the little he had to provide. Pip feels awful at what he haves done to Joe, and how he's ditching him for the high life and his obsession, Estella. Pip wishes that Joe could become a gentleman too, and that they could both enjoy a life of luxury together. Pip notices the convict everywhere he goes. On the carriage ride home, in a pub, and in his house. No matter where Pip goes, that convict is close by. Eventually, the convict reveals to Pip the biggest secret he has been trying to figure out, his name is Magwich, and it was him the entire time, he is Pip's benefactor. Pip is filled with shock and realizes what Ms. Havisham and Estella have been doing. He has a great revelation and reaches a turning point in his life.

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