Black holes and wormholes By jacob G

What is a black hole ?

A black hole is an area of space time and it is also something that has a gravitational pull so strong that not even particles like light can escape so if the earth gets sucked into one it's probably not going to come out.

How is a black hole formed ?

A black hole is formed by a dying star but when the star dies it collapses in on itself,for example if the sun died it would collapse on itself and would become a massive black hole and earth would get sucked in and we would all die off so that there is no humans anywhere,but scientists predict that it won't happen for another 4-5 billion years.

What is a wormhole?

A wormhole commonly referred to as the Einstein-Rosen bridge is a passageway through space time that also an object to travel to another part of the universe without actually going there,for example think of Mexico then think of your front door it would basically be like walking out your front door and you are at Mexico and wormholes can also travel to different points in time or to different universes or places.

How is a wormhole formed ?

How scientists think wormholes are created is by putting two black holes together and they think that is should create one.
Fun facts: if you fell into a black hole you would be spagettified wich is basically like being stretched really thin, eventually black holes evaporate,a wormhole is too small for a human to pass through.
The end.

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