Yellow Bacteria Alyssa gebhardt

yellow fever is viral.

Yellow fever is caused by infection with a flavivirus. This virus replicates in the blood and tissues, potentially damaging the body's vital organs. The liver is often affected. When liver function declines, the skin and eyes become yellow, a condition known as jaundice, and the body's ability to form blood clots is compromised. Difficult-to-control bleeding may occur from areas such as the intestinesr. Damage to the heart, brain, and other vital organs can cause shock, coma, and increased susceptibility to bacterial infections.

Yellow Fever is almost always lethal, and is acute and not chronic.

treatment:There’s no cure for yellow fever. Treatment involves managing symptoms and assisting your immune system in fighting off the infection by:

getting enough fluids, possibly through your veins, getting oxygen, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, getting blood transfusions, having dialysis if you experience kidney failure, getting treatment for other infections that may develop

you can also treat yellow fever by getting a vaccine at birth.

most yellow fever cases after the vaccine are in the southern hemisphere. It is uncommon today in the U.S.


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