Family By Cort Castle

He loves his family with a full heart,

Says the photo of the Family plastered on the wall

a joyful man with a full heart too,

Says the Christmas decorations on the banister;

and a god loving man ,

says the cross on the wall next to the faith and hope sign.

The star like lights wrapped around the stairs,

says that Christmas is his holiday of hope;

the “you call it chaos we call it family” sign next to the Christmas tree,

says he loves his crazy and chaotic family;

he's out for the winter baseball season and focusing on god,

says the baseball hat and cross.

He loves his family and makes sarcastic jokes,

says the quotes on the wall;

He is grateful for a loving god,

says the Jesus sign on the counter;

he's a god loving family person to,

says the family and faith sign; he overly loves his family, they say.

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