The Visable University: Our Vision #SENDtoLeavingHome

An education for life.

Residential learning supporting the transition into independent adulthood.

For 17-25 year olds with Moderate Learning Difficulties, this is a university experience like no other.

Life and Living Skills

At the Visable University, your education starts in your new home (which we hope will look as welcoming as the example below!).

Learn to....

Live with others respectfully in a shared house, supported by House Parents
Tidy and clean your living space
Use household appliances
Do your laundry
Look after your home
Look after your garden
Shop for you and your housemates
Prepare meals
Follow emergency procedures
Follow basic health and safety
Use public transport with confidence
Manage your time
Manage your money
Stay fresh!!

Work Training

The Visable University wants to prepare you for paid employment when you graduate. This is why your work training will take place in local industries, doing REAL jobs, in REAL businesses. But we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Making sure you are comfortable with the people you work with
Supporting you on site until you feel confident
Helping you create a CV
Helping you look the part
Supporting your job applications

If you know the industry you want to enter, tell us! We will find the right placement and qualifications for you. If you are not sure, you will have the chance to try a few.

Here are some ideas:

Visable can also offer placements in their own programmes, #SENDtoEmployment and #SENDtoSelfEmployed, depending on your career aspirations. In both programmes we focus on developing entrepreneurial skills and the resilience, creativity and persistence needed to develop your own opportunities.

We believe a career pathway should be shaped by YOU and not the other way round.

Social Safety and Confidence

As every student knows, university is not all work, work, work. The social side is just as important (probably more so but no one tells their parents) and the same is true at Visable.

Whether you are a party animal or someone who prefers staying at home, The Visable University will have something for you.

Hanging out with housemates
Joining local clubs and societies. Or why not create your own?
Inviting your family to your Sunday lunch (they might offer to help wash up)
Stay at home entertainment (yes alright, there will probably be a console around too)
Supporting local community ventures
Exploring local night life
Joining other students in the area
Getting home safely
Drinking safely
Having relationships safely


The most important part of the Visable University is YOU.

We are here to support you in becoming an independent adult. This means many changes and new experiences. Most of these we hope you will enjoy.

But sometimes we all need a bit of help staying brave and confident.

Here are some of the ways the Visable University will help you stay strong - mentally, emotionally and physically.

SPORT! All Sands students will receive membership to the local sports and leisure facilities, and activities can be enjoyed on a regular basis.
HEALTHY EATING. As part of our weekly meal planning we will take time to consider our eating habits and how we can ensure we are having a balanced diet.
LIVE SHOWS. Whether it's music, comedy, theatre or local artists, we believe the creative arts are good for the soul, and students will have the opportunity to access them regularly if they choose.
CREATIVE HOBBIES. Also good for the soul! Whether it's painting, music, photography, writing, knitting, WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK OF, we will ensure students have regular access to these extra curricular activities.
CALL HOME. Most importantly, the Well Being Officer at Visable University knows there is a family member for each of our students at the end of a telephone, who can be contacted whenever one really needs them. Pre-arranged family visits are welcomed, even at short notice, if this is beneficial to the well-being of our students. All we ask is that visitors bring cake. Or biscuits. Both is nice.



Unlike other Universities, we understand that students will be ready to leave us at different times.

Although some students will want to stay for the whole 3 three years we offer, others will find they feel ready to take those first steps after two years, or maybe even one.

Next Steps

Even though you will know when you are ready for this, going alone is a big deal. So we want you to know that we will still be there for you. In case you need us. I mean, you probably won't. But just in case.

Here are some of the ways we can support you moving from #SENDtoIndependence.

Finding paid employment
Setting up your bank account
Securing a rental property

First Steps Mentoring

Starting a new job is scary. For EVERYONE. But some of us need a little more support making sure we know what we are doing.

The First Steps Mentoring scheme matches you to a volunteer with experience and expertise in your new industry. They will come with you to work to help you settle in and make sure you understand what you are supposed to be doing. They can also make sure your boss understands what YOU need to do your job really well. And pretty soon, you will be doing the job without any help at all.

And when that happens, we hope that YOU will be a mentor to other young people at the Visable University.

The Visable University

For more information, or to register your interest, please email kate@thesandproject.co.uk

The Visable University is an idea of The Sand Project


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