Making Energy With Wind by jackie sparcino and katie potter

How Wind Energy Works

  • Wind pushes the blades on the windmill which are connected to a shaft.
  • As the shaft spins, the shaft creates energy, which is connected to a generator.
  • As the blades/shaft spin, the generator creates more and more energy and provides electricity to towns and cities.


  • Wind energy is a renewable energy source, and can easily be used over and over again.
  • Wind is a domestic energy source. We get our wind from the United States, making it domestic.
  • Wind energy is cost-effective. Wind energy is the lowest costing energy source available today.
  • Wind energy is a clean energy source and doesn't pollute the air like other energy sources do.


  • Good wind is not located in remote places. Meaning, that good wind is usually located far away from cities that need electricity.
  • Windmills might cause noise and disrupt others. The noise given off from the blades as they spin can be distracting and disruptive to others.
  • Windmills could cause damage to wildlife. The blades on the windmills are so high up, that birds and bats could easily fly into them.

Other Facts About Wind Energy

  • A single windmill can power 500 houses.
  • Windmills date back to 2,000 B.C., when they were used in China.
  • Windmills can be as tall as 200 meters (about 656 feet.)
  • The blades on a windmill can move up to 200 MPH.
  • Wind energy produces more jobs than any other form of energy.
  • The country that produces the most wind energy per year is Germany.
  • Wind energy is one of the only energy sources that doesn't pollute the air.
  • The theory of wind energy was discovered in the year 1919.

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