Maggie and Tori Bridge By: Maggie mchale


  • 1. 2 bottles of Elmer's glue.
  • 2. Have at least 300 sticks
  • 3. 4 Empty water bottles
  • 4. 1 pack of rubber bands
  • 5. 1 pack of paper clips
  • 6. Yard stick

Step 1

  • Step 1: line up 6 sticks popsicle sticks 1 inch apart. Put a dot of glue 1 inch in on the popsicle. Place 1 stick centered over each 1 inch gap. Do this below the yard stick to make sure it's 30 inches. (Repeat for 3 more times)
  • Let dry for 24 hours

Step 2

  • Take two of the sides you made the previous day and place them parallel to each other. Next, place the sides 4 1/2 apart (length of popsicle stick) and put two dots of glue on the end of the stick you are putting on the end to connect the two sides. Put straight ip and down to connect both sides with the sticks on both ends of the sides.
  • Repeat for extra two sides. Let dry for 2 hours

Step 3

  • After dry get one side and lay it flat on a hard surface. After laid flat grab aproximently 37 sticks (or more if needed) you want to set the sticks up in a triangle. Set the two stick (that will make the triangle) 1 inch apart in the form of a triangle and glue both sticks down and out two dots of glue at both ends of the sticks. On the next set of triangles glue the next stick and overlap that stick over the last one you glued down. Do that all the way down on both structures.
  • Let glue dry for 24 hours

Step 4

  • After 24 hours when both of your sides are built you will add 1 stick between each triangle. Put glue on both ends and stick in the middle of each triangle. (Repeat for other side ) Put a stick in all triangles until the end. Put on both sides you have built.
  • Let dry for 24 hours

Step 5

  • After dry you will need 4 rubber bands and 4 water bottles. Place both the sides of the bridge the width of the water bottles. Space the water bottles about about 15 inches apart from each other inside the bridge. After you place your water bottles take your rubber bands and place them around the bridge to hold bridge together. Next step is to grab a handful of sticks and put glue on both tips of the sticks. Now you place sticks vertical 2inches apart. Glue all way down the top of the bridge around the vertical 2 inches apart. Glue all the way down the top of the brushes around the water bottle
  • Let glue for 24 hours
  • After a day do the same method on the bottom of the bridge

Step 6

  • After dry take water bottles and rubber bands out. Then grab as many sticks needed to place the sticks vertical to others in the gap the water bottles were in. Next, grab more sticks and place them opposite vertical to make an X all the way to the bridge.
  • Let dry for 24 hours
  • After dry you are finished!

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