看中共如何以黑治港(二) How the CCP Ruling Hong Kong Like Mafia (2)

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Mischa Twitter: How the CCP Ruling Hong Kong Like Mafia (2)


5/19 開爆劉特佐和香港政府很多官員的交易,跟香港的很多的明星有買春的醜聞還被黑社會打。


The CCP arranged them becoming senior officials of the current government. These people would cooperate with the “dark-side house”. These illegal “dark-side houses” in Hong Kong were places to coercing their bankers and to conducting investigations.

On May 19th, he exposed that Jho Low made dirty deals with many Hong Kong officials, such as scandals of prostituting with many Hong Kong celebrities and being beaten by Hong Kong gangsters etc.

Jho Low is the key figure to expose the corruption of Hong Kong government officials.

2. 在美國政府爆出1MDB的事情以後,這個哥們兒,長期帶被中國政府中的某些盜國賊們,(那時候還沒爆他是孟建柱的兒子)關在了上海,不讓出來。美國政府力在抓他。認為這個人的過去的3、4年,因為他在中東,阿布達比、沙特、迪拜都有生意。拼了命就折騰我郭文貴。為什麼呢?

After the U.S. government brought up the 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) scandal, this dude (Jho Low), who was not known as Meng Jianzhu’s son at the time, was taken and hidden by the kleptocrats of the Communist China government in Shanghai. The US government tried to catch him and thought he might do business in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Dubai for the past 3 or 4 years. Why has he been making trouble for me (Miles Guo)?


他叫說客公司,不是Elliot Broidy,Nicki Lum Davis嗎說服川普總統,

He (Jho Low) owed people for more than $ 10 billion, and ripped off the Malaysian government for more than $ 10 billion, and corrupted with the CCP government for tens of billions of dollars. The huge corruptions involving Malaysian real estate developers and the CCP government will be exposed next time. Hong Kong is the place where he laundered the money. So the US has put him under close monitoring.

He hired a lobbyist company. Wasn’t Elliot Broidy or Nicki Lum Davis to persuade president Trump?



He tried to persuade US officials to send me (Miles) back to China and they have been telling Abu Dhabi, Iran, and several other countries that the CCP has tried to get Miles Guo back to Communist China without going through any laws, legal procedures or any evidence for 3 to 4 years.

Jho Low and Najib controlled Malaysia and stole tens of billions of dollars.

Hong Kong officials helped him laundering money. Usually those officials, including judicial officials. If I tell you their names, it might scare you.




They even helped to transfer the celebrities called for prostitution to Shanghai, where Jho Low was. This evil triangle and evil countries! The US government and the whole world were watching you.

What kind of government officials they are? They should be dragged out and shamed on streets.

Weren’t some of them were related to Hong Kong Airlines of HNA.


Look at those senior Hong Kong officials!

Chief Secretary for Administration, Zhang Jianzong,Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo,Secretary for Justice, Yuan Guoqiang.


The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's Disciplinary Force, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the Audit Commission were involved. They are the Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Bai Yiliu, the Commissioner of Police Lu Weicong, the Director of Audit, Sun Deji, and the Director of Immigration, Zeng Guowei. I think these are the key person.


And also the Commissioner of Customs, Deng Yihai. The Hong Kong government also announced the appointment of Chen Guoji as the director of the Chief Executive's Office.




Continuing on May 19th expose.

The dark side of the Hong Kong government has deceived the local citizens. Weren’t the Hong Kong government following the evidence? Well, let's present the evidence. Couple days ago, a council representative brought up ”Miles Guo phenomenon“ in the council meeting.

Some of these council members are called the Establishment. In fact, the Establishment is the one who betrays Hong Kong. These traitors should be thrown into the bottom of the sea for the dirty works they have done, including prostitution in Dongguan.


Millions of young ladies in Dongguan, those thirteen or four-year-old virgins, have been molested by the so-called Establishment.


God will exterminate you! You are caught by your misbehaviors. You are the CCP puppets and sell Hong Kong without conscience.

10、賣港賣祖宗賣自己的良心。老天爺會看著你們的,說郭文貴是個通緝犯我們憑啥信呐。啥時證明郭文貴是通緝犯了?我有大陸護照嗎?那叫Red Notice–紅色通告

You (the Establishment) betrayed Hong Kong, your ancestors, and your conscience. God is watching you. When you said Mile Guo was a fugitive, who would believe you? Where were the evidence? Do I have China passport (Miles does not have a China passport and how can he become a wanted man of mainland?) Can you call it a Red Notice?


This is not a Red notice! Please! How could the Hong Kong Council perform so much unprofessionally? They also cheated Hong Kong people, saying they don't care. You raped 7 million Hong Kong people while making them to love you and believing in you. This is a true tragedy!


Hong Kong people can contact following to report these bad guys:



Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung, the third Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong and a senior barrister, was the chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association, as well as a member of the Guangdong Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.


During Leung Chun-ying’s term as Chief Executive, Yuen, Carrie Lam, then Chief Secretary for Administration, and Raymond Tam Chi-yuen former director of Constitutional Affairs Bureau were called 'the trio of political reform'.


Yuen resigned due to personal reason and claimed his resignation was not a rush decision. Was it because the pressure from the Expose Revolution?

袁是籍貫東莞的 不知有沒有惦記東莞的處女?慢慢看吧!

Yuen was from Dongguan, Guangzhou province. Maybe he was still thinking of those Dongguan’s virgin girls. Let’s keep watching.


On January 5, 2018, Yuen was discharged from Secretary for Justice by the decision of the State Council. Carrie Lam suggested to nominate a senior counsel, Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah as Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong.


Carrie Lam recommended her? Wasn’t the order from Sun Lijun?

13、辭職三個月後 他獲批重新做回大律師 不合情理 受到質疑 他那麼快恢復大律師 要去給誰辯護? 值得關注。

Three months after his resignation, he was approved to be a counsel again. This was unreasonable and was questioned. What was the reason for him to be able to practice as a counsel so quickly? It is noteworthy whom he will defend for.

這個新官 人們對她更多質疑 因為老公的公司都是承包市政工程 公私不分。

As to the Secretary for Justice, she was questioned further since her husband owned a company that contracted municipal works without separating public from private interests.

14、七哥講的建制派 我不太懂 查了下,我的媽 就是香港CCP!

I don't quite understand what pro-Establishment camp that Mr. Miles Guo mentioned is. After I checked, OMG, it is the CCP in Hong Kong.

建制派,另稱“親北京陣營”、“親共派”、“親中華人民共和國派”(英語:Pro-establishment camp、Pro-Beijing camp、Pro-Communist camp或Pro-People's Republic of China camp),是香港境內一個由中國共產黨及中聯辦扶植的親共勢力。

Pro-Establishment camp is also called Pro-Beijing camp, Pro-Communist camp, or Pro-People's Republic of China camp which is a pro-CCP group supported by the CCP and the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong.


Ever since the beginning of the election in Hong Kong, the number of aggregate votes of Pro-Establishment camp was always less then that of the Pro-democracy camp. Yet, relying on the functional constituency in Legislative Council of Hong Kong, they obtained parliamentary majorities.


Since July 14, 2017, due to the disqualification of 4 democratically elected legislative members of the Democratic camp, the Establishment camp has obtained more than half of the regional direct election seats. For the first time, it has obtained more than half of the advantages in functional constituencies and regional direct elections.


After the Hong Kong Legislative Council by-election in March 2018, it maintained its majority advantage on both sides, and obtained a stable majority on both sides after the by-election in the Kowloon West Geographical Constituency in November of the same year. The FTU who had participated in the June 7 riots is also a key member of the formation.


Most of parties were just for showing. There remains fictitious democracy in Hong Kong.

17、原來要香港人賣港 CCP才有機會啊。


The CCP could have a chance only if Hong Kong people sold Hong Kong.

Carrie Lam

18、請大家看意識形態,就是CCP 臭港一定的啦。

If everyone can pay attention to the CCP’s ideology, Hong Kong will be destroyed.

19、建制派支持第23條 這是什麼?

What was item No.23 that Pro-Establishment camp supported?


No.23 is a legislative guideline of constitutional provisions for any associated with national security, that includes the crime of treason, acts of secession, incitement to subvert state power and crime of subversion of state, and theft of state secretes etc.


During 2002 and 2003, the legislative process of this item caused tremendous controversy in Hong Kong with 5 million people participated in the July 1st parade to protest against the legislation.

20、數不完的港奸 沒有男兒啊!

There were countless Hong Kong traitors but no real man.

董建華最可恥 阿裡巴巴的獨立董事!

Tung Chee-hwa, an independent director of Alibaba, was the most shameless person.


At that time, Tung’s family business was in crisis with debt collections from 24 banks. It was Xu Jiatun, the former director of the Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch, who called for help from the Central Committee of the CCP and Then Central Committee allocated funds to Henry Fok (Ying Tung), the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of PRC at that time, to rescue Tung’s business. After 9 years of silence, Tung Chee-hwa reappeared with high profile and led a group of rich men to visit Beijing and to serve the CCP.


Based on the book, The Up and Down in Politics of Lo Tak-Shing, Lo Tak Shing, the former president of the Law Society of Hong Kong, and a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, has received a large sum of money from the CCP. Lu Ping, the head of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council of the PRC has asked him if he had interest in media and then Lo had an idea to publish a magazine. In 1992, he obtained a loan of 8 million US dollars through Bank of China from Beijing authority as expenditure of the new magazine to speak for the CCP. He spent huge sums of money but nothing was done.

22、92年藍金黃800萬 不要臉啊!

To use 8 million dollars for BGY in 1992, how shameless they are!


Timothy Tong, former commissioner for the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong was exposed in a corruption case. He has a tight relationship with Hong Kong Liaison Office and was suspected sending present to senior officers in mainland and receiving hospitality treatment from mainland officials. Obviously, Tong was appointed as a member of CPPCC after his retirement and the transferring profits between them was alleged.


Liao Hui, son of Liao Chengzhi who was a founding member of the CCP, has been responsible for overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao affairs for a long time. He served as the director of the Oversea Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council from 1984 to 1997. He was promoted by Jiang Zemin after the reversion of Hong Kong to China and was a henchman of Zeng Qinghong. He served as director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China from 1997 to 2010, and also as the second vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).


Under a trial for a corruption case on Sep 24, 2014, Rafael Hui Si-yan, a former Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong, claimed that he received more than HK$10 million from Beijing. Liao Hui, director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong and Macau then, was suspected for this bribery. Rafael Hui Si-yan's lawyers invited Liao Hui as a witness, while he has no response.


Prosecutor declared that Rafael Hui Si-yan received HK$ 11 million from Guan Xiongsheng, a former top-level manager of the HKEX on November 12, 2007.


Former senior Vice President of the HKEX, Guan Xiongsheng informed Rafael Hui Si-yan someone from mainland wanted to give him a big sum of money and this was delivered by Guan. Yet, Rafael Hui claimed he had asked Guan where the money was from but Guan did not explain. Then he accepted the money at last.


BGY all the way!



多少人在大陸做生意你沒腐敗?沒有非法交易?幾乎沒有 建制派都是大富豪。

Miles Guo disclosed that the CCP's policy in Hong Kong is very simple, including four manipulating strategies.

First, for those billionaires and officials, the CCP manipulates their dirty materials, called "greed control". The CCP controls them with their greed and scandals.

How many people do business in mainland China without corruption or illegal transactions?

Almost all of them. Those so-called the Establishment is all billionaires.

27、第二,叫做色控。什麼是色控呢?就是香港的很多官員在東莞玩處女和包處女,在船上賭博。用賭博和女色,叫色控。掌握他們的黑材料。對官員、員警特別是建制派的議員們,實行色控。靠 香港人有處女情結 得看病!

Second, it is called “sex control”. What is this? That is, many officials in Hong Kong go prostituting virgins or having a virgin mistress in Dongguan and gambling on yachts. Using sex lust and gambling to control them, called “sex control”. Manipulating their black materials. “Sex control” is applied to officials, police officers, and especially the pro-Establishment councilmen.

Hong Kong people have a virgin complex and this is sick!


Third, the CCP forms a relationship with mutual profits and interests with all people, including the second generation of officials, the billionaires, celebrities, and officials. It's called “money control”.



One more strategy the CCP uses is to send a large number of intelligent agents to Hong Kong, called “adding sands”.

A central leader told Miles once, "I looked at those billionaires whom I used to respect and they came to request positions in the CPPCC and deputy positions of the National People's Congress of the CCP. They brought money in their private jets. They participated several social functions every night and drank wines a glass after a glass. They slept with prostitutes and celebrities. If this continues, Hong Kong will perish! Those Hong Kongers are even more social than the mainlanders."




"The favorites of corrupt officials in mainland China are Hong Kong officials and businessmen."

What about Taiwanese? I'm Curious.

The CCP usually acquires media and operates overseas through local celebrities' assistance. So that it can hide its true identity and extend its propaganda and control overseas.


大外宣 大外宣

給了多維 博訊 明鏡 多少?


As mentioned in the book "The Up and Down in Politics of Lo Tak-Shing” 《罗德丞政海浮沉录》, from Bank of China, the CCP approved twice loan US $ 8 million and US$ 6 million dollars, respectively, to run an English weekly - "Window" ("Hong Kong Window"). Most of medias that the CCP wants to acquire or establish are via the assistance of celebrities who act as CCP's secret agent overseas.

What a great overseas’ propaganda machinery!

How much was given to dwnews, boxun news and Mingjing News?

How much was given to Duowei News, Boxun News or Mingjing News?

How much was given to the VOA?


For the CCP’s state-fund medias in Hong Kong, according to the conservative estimates by a senior media person, "Wen Wei Po"(《文汇报》), "Ta Kung Pao"(《大公报》) and "Shang Bao"(《商报》) have a loss of about 300 million a year; some are called "Tail News," such as "Sing Tao Daily"(《星岛日报》) , the CCP will fund them through advertising or other formats, which may cost 50 million per year.

On the television side, it has Phoenix Satellite Television channel, which may cost 200 million a year.



On the magazine side, because zijing.org is a website, it may cost five million Hong Kong dollars a year, and the "China Review" and other magazines such as "Daily Mirror" and "Wide Angle", at least cost seven million a year.

Basically, the above mentioned are publicly known CCP’s activities in Hong Kong media. There still is a considerable part of the CCP’s more secretive infiltrations and acquisitions in the Hong Kong media industry that is little known to the public.



Influencing a mainstream media through infiltration is a more effective and cheaper approach to make an impact than directly run a media.

Former Xinhua News Agency President Xu Jiatun disclosed in an interview that at that time, he had a special fee of 100 million yuan to engage in united front operations, including 100,000 Hong Kong dollars to a senior reporter Lu Yan. He took it initially but returned later.




When asked who else was giving the money, Xu even said: "I can’t talk about these things. Once I talk about it, the world will be putted in chaos! There are things will be burried to the grave with me."

The election of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and even whose team, is under the arrangement by the CCP. Under the CCP system, the so-called election is an empty talk.

Donald Tsang said at that time, Beijing wanted the original government team to stay in power and office, and later on he exposed that Beijing sent money for that agenda.

35、5/19 文貴繼續說 在香港這地方,你們這些建制派就是賣港。賣港求榮,欺騙港人。有良知的人都被遣返了。你不要忘了,郭文貴的今天就是所有富豪的明天。你們的子子孫孫以後到大陸去都會被強姦,或者被強姦別人,一定是這樣,建制派你們走著看吧!

5/19 Miles Kwok said that, in Hong Kong, you Pro-establishment camp are just selling Hong Kong for your own benefit. All that still has conscience were repatriated to mainland China. Don't forget, the present day of Miles will soon be the future of all those that possess wealth. All your children and grandchildren will either rape or be raped when they go to the mainland. Don’t believe me? Continue down your path and see for yourself!

36、一定要真正實現一國兩制的基本法,香港最重要兩件事, 第一,必須不允許任何大陸來的司法機關執法,否則香港任何人都不安全,銅鑼灣事件說明了這一點。 第二,香港的核心是國際化,香港不國際化就會被這些盜國賊們盜光,你們就死無葬身之地。這是香港基本法賦予的權利,香港人越這麼做越愛國。

The basic law of one country, two systems must be truly realized. Two of the most important things in Hong Kong are: first, judicial authorities from any mainland must not be allowed to enforce the laws of mainland China, otherwise, no one in Hong Kong is safe. The Causeway Bay incident clearly illustrates this. Second, the core of Hong Kong is internationalization. If Hong Kong is not internationalized, it will be robbed clean by the National robbers, and you will soon have no place to live. This is a right conferred by the Hong Kong Basic Law. The more Hong Kong people do, the more patriotic they are.

37、你們應該打出口號,愛國就要基本法,愛國就要反貪,反威脅,反以黑治港,反以貪治港,文貴一定會跟你們站在一起。 黎智英先生我非常尊敬你,不像那些大富豪們把兒女送到大陸來跟他們一起腐敗。 黎智英旗下刊物《壹週刊》和《蘋果日報》經常批評香港政府和北京政府,因此在中國大陸仍列爲違禁刊物。

If you want to be patriotic, you need to follow basic Laws. If you are patriotic, you must be fighting against corruption, fighting against threat, fighting against ruling Hong Kong with the mafia, and ruling the Hongkong with corruption. And if so, Miles will surely stand with you. Mr. Lai, I respect you very much, unlike those other rich people who sent their children to the mainland to corrupt with the CCp. Jimmy Lai 's publications, " Next magazine" and "Apple Daily" often criticizes the Hong Kong government and the Beijing government, and so, they are undoubtedly listed as prohibited publications in mainland China.

38、十年前就制訂政策了,就是要把你們腐敗化,把你們家族利益化,讓你們閉嘴,你閉嘴失去的不僅是尊嚴自由,未來全家的未來什麼都沒有。這叫什麼,這是真真正正的生命控制。政治學裡面最核心的一條就是精神和肉體的控制,就是掌握你所有的缺點還有利益點,現在香港做到了。 可悲啊!

Ten years ago, the policy was made to corrupt you, to transform you into a benefit hungry beast , and to make you shut up. And to shut up means to lose not only dignity and freedom, but the future of your whole family. What is it called? It’s called control. The core of political science is to achieve spiritual and physical control, which is to master all your shortcomings and benefits. Now Hong Kong has done it. Sad

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