So You Think You Can Dance? By Katelyn Hogan

When you think of students at colleges and universities there are a few things that normally come to mind: partying, studying, and the large amounts of coffee and alcohol that they consume during this time. However, what if I told you that these students were also volunteering, fundraising, and raising awareness for causes that they care about?

Each year, thousands of students across the nation come together to support and participate in dance marathons that their schools put on.

The Official 2017 Raise Red Logo

Students at the University of Louisville organize their own annual 18 hour dance marathon, raiseRED. raiseRED is the only student run organization that supports clinical and research efforts at the University of Louisville Hospital for children, doctors, and families fighting pediatric cancer. It isalso the largest student organization on campus. An executive board of 18 different UofL students control every aspect in the preparation and execution of this event and they all dance for different reasons.

This year raiseRed took place on Friday, Feb. 24 2017, and Saturday, Feb. 25 2017, from 6-12p.m. in the Multipurpose Room in UofL’s Student Activity Center on campus. Students who participated raised at least $100. Students were divided into different groups each designated with a child who is currently or previously was affected by cancer. They had the chance to meet and dance with this child as well as interact with their family throughout the 18 hours. At the end of every hour participants came together and learned a line dance which was taught by raiseRED’s executive board and team leaders. There was only one rule: YOU CAN’T SIT DOWN. Games were payed, laughs were shared, and history was made as students push to raise $459,402.50.

The Cardinal Bird Interacting with some of the kids!
“I dance for the kids who can’t in hopes that one day I won’t have to anymore because they’ll be" -UofL Student, Vivien Pham

For more information or if you would like to donate to raiseRED please visit or follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @raiseRED_UofL. If you are interested in participating you can contact Ellie Romes, Operations Director, at raise

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