Deadline Chris crutcher

This story takes place in Trout, Idaho. I picture it looking like a messy city where poor kids and family'slive.

Idaho is the state Ben lives in. Trout high School is the school Ben goes to.

School year (bens senior year) I imagine it to be during the school year at trout high school. It reminds me of shows where the main character is in high school.

It has regular weather, sunny cloudy nothing special. Although I imagine parts of the story will take place in the snow.

Idaho is a place just like any other where people and family's live. This book focuses on School kids, teachers, and parents, and family's.

Some objects that relate to the story are Footballs, football uniforms, and homework to represent school and it's sports. The football represents the sport that is played. The uniforms are what Ben wears, and also throughout the story the uniforms lead into the topic of his size. And in high school there's plenty of homework.

The atmosphere in the story consists of School, football field, and the doctors office, and Bens house and other places he goes after school. I can kind of relate because I go to school and go places after but the doctors office, that's an interesting part of the story.

It's the senior year for Ben (the main character). Ben also plays football so lots of the story takes place at the football Field and school (trout high). The setting puts the book into a knew genre. It's more sporty and more about the team, then a few pages before when the setting is meeting with doctors or doing something that's on Bens bucket list


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